Storyland is a mystical and magical, imaginary place full of fun, loving and wonderful characters. There is a lot of exploring to do in Storyland. Please feel free to read, like and share any one of these stories with your family and friends.

Map of Storyland Characters in Canada

Do you live in Canada? Is there a Storyland character in the city/town you live in? Check the map below to find out.

Current Story Challenges

Storyland - winter scene

Winter Story Challenge 2019-2020

We are now in the midst of our winter season in Canada. With this challenge you can read all about how we deal with winter in the great, white north. There are some of us who like winter and then, there are some of us who don’t.

(25 stories total)

  1. A Golden Snowflake Moment
  2. A Golden Winter Day
  3. A Sloppy Winter Day
  4. A Windy Winter Day
  5. An Icy Sort of Day
  6. Calm Before the Storm

Mr. Winter Story Wheel

Winter Story Wheel Challenge 2019-2020

The Winter Story Wheel Challege 2020 is a fun way to discover some more winter stories. Read the stories in this challenge and try to pick out parts of the story on the story wheels that I have drawn. The story wheels could be printed out if you wanted to follow along more easily.

(5 stories total)

  1. A Nice Winter Day

Larry Leaper Scene

Leap Year Story Challenge 2020

This year, 2020, is a Leap Year. Let’s find out what adventures Larry Leaper has this year. Larry Leaper likes to leap over anything and everything he can. What will he leap over next?

(5 stories total)

  1. An Extra Day
  2. Larry Leaper

Storyland - Groundhog

Groundhog Day Story Challenge 2020

Groundhog Day is coming up very soon. Will we get six more weeks of dreaded winter or will we have an early spring? I don’t know about you, but I will always opt for an early spring.

(10 stories total)

  1. Almost Late for Groundhog Day
  2. Silly Groundhog Forgot to Brush his Teeth
  3. A Grouchy Groundhog

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