Scrunchie Monster in the Heat

Scrunchie Monster was walking along the street on a very hot summer day. He could hear people complaining about the heat.

“I don’t know what they are complaining about so much,” said Scrunchie. “It is hot but I’ m not finding it all that bad.

Scrunchie walks differently than others. He walks with his head close to the ground and his behind stuck up in the air.

“Oh look,” said Scrunchie. “I see a puddle of water ahead.”

Scrunchie walked over to the puddle and lowered his head into it. He came out of the puddle feeling cool and refreshed.

“This feels good,” said Scrunchie.

“That guy has the right idea,” said a young man, watching Scrunchie. “No he isn’t complaining of the heat.”

The young man bent over and started to walk like Scrunchie.

“This is actually quite comfortable,” said the young man.

The young man spotted a puddle up ahead. He stuck his head in it and was instantly cooled down. However, because he wasn’t used to walking the way Scrunchie does, he fell into the puddle.

“Practice makes perfect,” said Scrunchie.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes we need to try new things.
  • Example: The young man saw the way Scrunchie was walking and tried it.
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