Eat Your Veggies

“Alisha,” said Mother, one summer evening, at the dinner table. “Please eat your vegetables. They are good for you.”

“Fine,” said Alisha, picking up her fork and finally eating them.

“There,” said Mother, seeing her empty plate. “Was that so bad?”

“I guess not,” said Alisha.

“Now,” said Mother. “Lets go.”

“Where are we going?” asked Alisha.

“We are going to visit Uncle Fred,” said Mother.

“Oh,” said Alisha. “He is the one that has the farm, right?”

“Yes,” said Mother. “He is. He has a surprise for you.”

“He does?” asked Alisha, eyes wide open now. “What is it? What is the surprise?”

“He wouldn’t tell me,” said Mother.

Alisha was very excited. Usually when Uncle Fred had a surprise for her, it was a new baby animal. All the way to the farm, she wondered about what kind of baby animal she was going to get to see this time.

Alisha gave Uncle Fred a big hug once they arrived.

“So,” said Alisha. “Where is my surprise?”

“Come with me,” said Uncle Fred.

Uncle Fred took Alisha by the hand and they walked down to the barn.

“I was right,” said Alisha. “I was thinking it was a baby animal. What kind of…”

Alisha did not finish her question once Uncle Fred opened the barn door. In fact, she couldn’t say a word. There, standing right in front of her, was her idol, Christopher Corn.

“Christopher Corn!” Alisha cried, once she got her voice back. “What are you doing in my uncle’s barn?”

“This is where Loud Garden practices explained Uncle Fred.

“Wait a minute,” said Alisha, putting two and two together.” So, you are ‘the Farmer Fred’ that all my friends are talking about? ‘The Farmer Fred’ that has Loud Garden living with him.”

“Yes,” said Uncle Fred. “I am.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Alisha. “This is amazing.”

Alisha spoke with Christopher about Loud Garden and then she asked him what it was like to be a real life veggie.

“It is actually pretty cool,” said Christopher.

“Mother always tells me to eat my veggies,” said Alisha. “I don’t think I will ever eat another veggie as long as I live.”

“Not a good idea,” said Christopher.” You must always eat your veggies. They are good for you.”

“Fine,” said Alisha. “I will eat them.”

“Good,” said Christopher. “I am glad to hear that.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always eat your veggies.
  • Example: Alisha thought that because Christopher was a real life veggie that she wouldn’t eat veggies anymore.
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