Fresh Veggies Have a Summer Blast

“Where is Farmer Fred today?” asked Mrs. Tomato, as she was waiting for Christopher Corn and Calvin Carrot to finishing practicing a drum solo.

“I heard he is sick with the flu,” said Olive Onion.

“Oh dear,” said Mrs. Tomato. “That is terrible. I do hope he gets better soon.”

“Perhaps we should try to keep the music as low as possible,” said Olive.

“Good idea,” said Mrs. Tomato. “We don’t want to wake Farmer Fred. He is going to need his rest.”

Mrs. Tomato and Olive talked with Christopher. He agreed that they should keep their music as low as possible.

“Absolutely,” said Christopher. “Farmer Fred has been so good to us. He needs his rest.”

About a half hour later, the Fresh Veggie family were shocked to see Farmer Fred all wrapped up in a blanket.

“What are you doing down here at the barn?” asked Christopher. “You should be in bed resting.”

“What happened to the music?” asked Farmer Fred.

“We turned it down,” explained Christopher. “We wanted to make sure you were resting.”

” “Please turn it back up as loud as you can,” said Farmer Fred. “I can’t sleep without your music.”

“Are you sure?” asked Christopher.

“Blast it,” said Farmer Fred.

The Fresh Veggie family blasted their music. Farmer Fred went back up to the main house instantly and fell asleep.

“Now that was a summer blast,” laughed Christopher the next day when he saw that Farmer Fred was feeling much better.

“Yes it was,” said Farmer Fred, also laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Loud music is the best.
  • Example: Farmer Fred wanted Loud Garden’s music turned up loud so he could sleep.
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