The Wicked Witch

“I look so mean and nasty this morning,” said the wicked witch to herself while looking in the mirror. “I wonder whose life I can make a misery today.”

The wicked witch walked outside of her haunted house and saw that the neighbours had planted some flowers in their garden. Oh, the wicked witch became so enraged that she went over to the garden and pulled every last flower out of it.

“Now,” said the neighbour angrily, when confronting the wicked witch about what had just happened. “Why would you do such a mean and nasty thing? Those poor flowers weren’t hurting anything. They were actually meant to brighten up this dismal neighbourhood.”

“Brighten it up,” cackled the wicked witch. “Never! Nothing will ever brighten up this neighbourhood.”

“True,” said the neighbour, turning and going back into her house. “Not as long as you are in it.”

A few minutes later the wicked witch saw a little kitten playing in another neighbours yard. She went over to the kitten and picked him up by the tail.

“Meow!” the kitten screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Put that kitten down!” screamed a neighbour at the top of his lungs, watching the witch with the kitten in her hand. “He’s just a poor helpless kitten that did nothing to you at all.”

“He exists,” cackled the witch, putting the kitten down.

The poor little kitten ran underneath the front porch as fast as he could. The neighbour turned in disgust and went back into the house.

The wicked witch continued on through the neighbourhood, causing wreak and havoc wherever she went. She saw a businessman walking up the street, with a briefcase in his hand. He saw the wicked witch but he wasn’t intimidated by the wicked witch one bit. He just kept on walking, right past her. Well, that made her the angriest she had been all day. She ran up to the businessman and grabbed his briefcase right out of his hand. He just turned around and grabbed it right back.

“What are you doing in my neighborhood?” asked the wicked witch angrily.

“I’m a businessman,” he said to her. “I sell vacuum cleaners.”

“Well,” said the wicked witch. “We don’t need vacuum cleaners here.”

“Oh is that right?” asked the businessman. “Is that because you prefer to just use your broom?”

The wicked witch stopped dead in her tracks. She was so angry she was about to blow her top and yet, she couldn’t help but like this fearlessness and arrogance the businessman was showing her.

“Why aren’t you afraid of me?” the wicked witch asked the businessman straight out.

“What is there to be afraid of?” the businessman commented. “You are just mean and nasty to everyone you meet. It is like you want to be that way because you don’t want anyone to like you.”

“That isn’t true,” said the wicked witch. “I want people to like me. I want you to like me.”

“Is that so?” asked the businessman. “Well you have a very funny way of showing it. I saw what you did to the neighbours flowers, that poor little kitten and then you tried taking my briefcase. That wasn’t necessary. That isn’t how you show someone that you want them to like you.”

“That is the only way I know how,” said the wicked witch. “I know nothing about being kind or nice.”

“The nice thing to do about the neighbours flowers would be to go and plant some flowers in replacement for the ones you ruined,” said the business man. “And about that poor little kitten you should go over there right away and make up to it. About my briefcase, you could offer to make me a cup of tea.”

The wicked witch thought hard about what the business man had just said to her. She decided that she would follow his instructions and see if it would help. She really wanted to have tea with the businessman.

“Okay,” the wicked witch blushed. “I’ve got some wildflowers growing out in my backyard. I’ll plant those in the neighbours garden. I’ll go make up to the kitten and then will you join me for tea?”

“I’d be honoured,” said the businessman.


Moral of this Story:

  • Even wicked witches can be put in their place.
  • Example: The business man put the wicked witch in her place after noticing her destructive behavior.

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