Friday the 13th and a Happy Day

Unlucky Uncle Ungus saw the calendar on his bedroom wall and realized it was Friday the 13th. “Friday the 13th makes me so angry,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus to himself. “I have had bad luck my whole life and all because I was born on a Friday the 13th.” Unlucky Uncle Ungus got dressed. He […] Read More

Angry Leprechaun’s Cup of Green Tea

“Good morning Mother and Grand Old Leprechaun,” said Angry Leprechaun. “It is a beautiful day for St. Patrick’s Day.” “Good morning my sweet leprechaun,” said Mother, surprised at the good mood her son was in. “Come sit and have breakfast with us.” Angry Leprechaun sat down at the table and smiled. “I rarely get to […] Read More

Angry Leprechaun and the Test

“I am so angry!” screamed Tommy Leprechaun. “What are you so angry about?” asked Grand Old Leprechaun, knowing full well what he was so angry about. “It is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Tommy, trying to control his anger. “I don’t know where my pot of gold is! How can I be a proper leprechaun without […] Read More

Angry Leprechaun and his Lucky Shamrock

“Where is it?” yelled Angry Leprechaun, angrily. “Stop yelling,” said Mother. “What are you looking for?” “My lucky shamrock,” said Angry Leprechaun. “I can’t find it anywhere.” “It has to be here in your room,” said Mother. “Believe me,” yelled Angry Leprechaun again. “It isn’t here. I have searched every inch of my room and […] Read More

Angry Leprechaun is Angry About the Rain

“It isn’t raining out,” said Tommy Leprechaun, looking out the kitchen window. “Is it?” “Yes,” said Mother. “It is.” “But it is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Tommy, angrily. “I didn’t want it to rain.” Just then, Grand Old Leprechaun came into the kitchen and sat down. “Tommy,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “Why the long face?” […] Read More

Happy Heart and Angry Cat

“Why do I not have any food in my bowl?” yelled Angry Cat. “You know I like to eat when I wake up from my nap.” Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet, grabbed the food bowl and was on the way to the kitchen. She was going to fill the food bowl but then she saw someone […] Read More

Happy Heart at the Bakery

Happy Heart knew it was Valentine’s Day. She had to get to Storyland so she could spread her love and happiness to everyone. Once at Storyland, Happy Heart saw a bakery. She sensed that someone was unhappy inside the bakery. “Can I please have ten loaves of bread and two blueberry pies?” asked a customer. […] Read More

Mr. Iceman and the Ice Sculpture Contest

Mr. Iceman and the Ice Sculpture Contest … “I need to make more ice,” said Mr. Iceman. “I need to make more ice sculptures.” “I heard there is an ice sculpture contest,” said Warren, Mr. Iceman’s neighbour. “That sounds like fun,” said Mr. Iceman. “I would like to enter.” “I thought you might,” said Warren. […] Read More

Runner Rabbit

Runner Rabbit … “Oh dear!” cried Runner Rabbit, after opening up his cell phone bill. “Why is my cell phone bill so high? I can’t afford to pay that!” Runner Rabbit stuffed the bill in his desk drawer. “Maybe if I ignore it,” said Runner, to himself. “Then maybe I won’t have to pay it.” […] Read More

Angry Cat Has A Merry Christmas

“Do you think you are going to get anything for Christmas?” asked Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet. “Of course I will,” said Angry Cat. “Why wouldn’t I?” “Have you done anything good this year?” asked Harriet. “Yes,” said Angry Cat. “I have.” “Like what?” asked Harriet. “Well,” said Angry Cat. “I did…” “Come on,” said Harriet. […] Read More