Summer Helpers

It was a warm summer day. Tuffy Turtle was walking along a back road. He hadn’t been on this road in awhile. At one time this road was a popular spot for people to go hiking or just go for a walk and enjoy nature.

“Oh dear!” cried Tuffy Turtle. “I can’t believe how messy this road is. There is garbage scattered everywhere.”

Tuffy kept walking. The more he walked, the more garbage there was and the less he was enjoying his walk.

“I can’t stand this mess any longer,” said Tuffy.

Tuffy turned around and walked home. He grabbed some garbage bags and went back to the road. He started picking up the garbage and putting it into the garbage bags. Soon, Hillbilly Bob and his friend, Pete, came along and helped out.

“This is much better,” said Tuffy, after ten garbage bags were filled. “Thank you all for your help.”

Tuffy, Hillbilly Bob and Pete were pleased with what they had accomplished. Hillbilly Bob agreed to take the garbage bags to the dump. Pete was kind enough to place some bins along the road so people could throw their garbage away properly.

“At least we can now enjoy walking along this back road once again,” said Tuffy.

The back road became a popular place, once again, for people who wanted to go for walks. Everyone did their part to keep it clean too.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to pitch in to keep our back roads clean.
  • Example: Tuffy took a walk and saw the back road littered with garbage. He cleaned it up with the help of Hillbilly Bob and his friend, Pete.

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