Summer Surprise Birthday Party

Tuffy Turtle was taking a long leisurely walk on a cool summer day. He was enjoying himself.

“The weather is just right,” said Tuffy Turtle, to himself.

Tuffy Turtle came to the park. He saw several of his friends there. It looked like they were busy. He didn’t want to disturb them so, he just kept walking.

“Where is Tuffy Turtle?” asked Me, owner and creator of Storyland, a few minutes later.

“Isn’t that him up ahead?” asked Trickster Bunny, one of Tuffy Turtle’s friends. “I wonder why he didn’t stop to say hello. It isn’t like him to just keep walking.”

“I believe it is him,” said Me. “We have to get him to come back. We can’t have a surprise birthday party without the birthday boy.”

“I will go get him,” said Trickster. “I can run pretty quick.”

“You are a rabbit,” said Me. “Rabbits can run faster than a turtle.”

“True,” said Trickster, remembering an old tale about the hare and the tortoise. “As long as I don’t fall asleep.”

“Go find Tuffy Turtle,” laughed Me.

Trickster ran through the park. It wasn’t long before he caught up with Tuffy Turtle.

“Come talk to us,” said Trickster. “You walked right by us and didn’t even say hello.”

“I didn’t want to disturb you,” said Tuffy Turtle. “I saw that you were busy.”

“We were,” said Trickster. “But we would love it if you would come talk to us. We have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise’,’ said Tuffy Turtle. “I love surprises!”

Tuffy and Trickster walked back to where Me was.

“Surprise!” cried Me. “Happy Birthday!”

“My birthday!” exclaimed Tuffy Turtle, totally surprised.

“I completely forgot all about it.”

“Well,” said Trickster.” We didn’t forget. Happy Birthday!”

“This is the best surprise ever,” said Tuffy Turtle. “Thank you so much?”

“You are very welcome,” said Me. “Happy Birthday!”

Tuffy Turtle was blown away by the kindness of his friends. He had the most enjoyable birthday celebration any turtle could ever have.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to have a nice surprise for a friend.
  • Example: Tuffy Turtle didn’t know his friends were planning a surprise birthday party for him.

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