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Welcome to the Summer Story Challenge 2019 page. Summer is all about getting outdoors and enjoying the warm sunshine. I am going to write 25 brand new summer stories for this challenge.

Challenge Goals:

  1. I will start the Summer Story Challenge 2019 on the first day of summer, which is June 21, 2019.
  2. I will write one summer story for each of the following existing summer characters:
    • Skinny Matilda
    • Summer Sun
    • Beatrice Bee
    • Silly Snake
    • Rat Boy
  3. I will write one summer story each for some of my existing characters
    • Pirate Pete
    • Baby Face Monster
    • Franny Granny
    • Fawn and Spot
    • Shaggy Dog
  4. I will create three brand new summer characters.  
    • Canada Moose
    • Me
    • to be determined
  5. I will draw my new summer characters.  
  6. I will write the “Meet the Character” page for my new summer characters.  
  7. I will write a Character Insights page for each of my new summer characters.
  8. I will write 5 new stories for each of my new summer characters.
  9. I will complete the Summer Story Challenge 2019 before the end of summer, which is, September 23, 2019.

Challenge Notes:​

1.Start of ChallengeJune 21, 2019
CharacterDate CompletedCompleted Link
2.Existing Summer Character Stories
3.Existing Character Stories
4.New Summer CharactersCanada MooseJune 25, 2019
MeJuly 5, 2019
5.DrawingsCanada MooseJune 25, 2019Canada Moose
MeJuly 5, 2019Me
6.Meet the Character PagesCanada MooseJune 25, 2019Meet Canada Moose
MeJuly 5, 2019Meet Me
7.Character InsightsCanada MooseJune 25, 2019Canada Moose – Character Insight
MeJuly 5, 2019Me – Character Insight
8.New Summer Character StoriesCanada MooseJune 26, 20191. Canada Moose
Canada MooseJune 27, 20192. A Cowardly Cougar
MeJuly 10, 20193. A Toll Bridge
9.Challenge Complete

List of Summer Story Challenge 2019 Stories

  1. A Toll Bridge - July 10, 2019
  2. Canada Moose - June 26, 2019
  3. The Cowardly Cougar - June 27, 2019

Your Part

If you would like to take part in the Spring Story Challenge 2019, please see the prompts below. You can submit your stories on the Facebook Story Challenges page.

  • Write a summer story about what summer means to you.


  • Write a summer story about a favourite summer road trip that you have taken or would like to take.
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