Summer Witches Brew

Angela Ant was visiting Matilda the witch on a cool summer day. Matilda was standing over her cauldron, stirring the steamy contents.

“I need you to do me a favour,” said Matilda. “I need you to turn the thermostat up past 35 degrees C for at least five days. If not, my witches brew will be ruined.”

“You know that I am not in charge of the thermostat,” said Angela Ant. “That is the responsibility of Summer Sun.”

“Yes,” said Matilda. “I do know that. However, you are friends with her. I am sure you could persuade her.”

“I am not going to ruin my friendship with Summer Sun just because you are making some kind of witches’ brew,” said Angela Ant, walking away.

“Find a way,” said Matilda.

Angela Ant went to visit Summer Sun. She was very ill. She asked Angela if the

wouldn’t mind turning the thermostat down for her. Angela didn’t hesitate. She went right over and turned it down.

“How dare you turn the thermostat down!” shouted Matilda, when she found out. “I specifically asked you to turn it up.”

“And I specifically told you I will not ruin my friendship with Summer Sun,” said Angela.

“What about our friendship?” asked Matilda.

“We don’t have a friendship,” said Angela. “No friend would ask me to jeopardize another friend’s relationship.”

Matilda thought about what Angela had just told her. She knew Angela was right. It wasn’t fair of her to ask Angela to jeopardize her friendship with Summer Sun.

“I am sorry,” said Matilda. “It was wrong of me to ask you to do that.”

“Thank you,” said Angela. “That means a lot.”

“Friends?” asked Matilda.

“Yes,” said Angela.


Moral of this Story:

  • Be careful what you ask of your friends.
  • Example: Matilda the witch asked Angela Ant to turn the thermostat way up. She knew it wasn’t Angela’s responsibility to do so.

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