Rotten Veggie

“We have no concerts coming up,” said Christopher Corn. “I am kind of upset about that.”

“I am so busy around the farm for the next few weeks,” said Farmer Fred. “It is almost harvest time.”

“But we have been practicing for the past few weeks,” said Christopher. “And, we have a ton of new material too. I am just anxious to get it out there.”

“I know,” said Farmer Fred. “However, I have a huge surprise for Loud Garden once harvest is over.”

“Fine,” said Christopher, stomping off.

Christopher walked down to the barn. He felt guilty about the way he talked to Farmer Fred.

“I should never have stomped off like I just did,” said Christopher. “I was frustrated and I took my frustrations out on Farmer Fred and that was wrong.”

Christopher went to find Farmer Fred. He saw him out in the field. It looked like he was having problems with the tractor. Christopher went out into the field to help him. Because Christopher helped him, Famer Fred was able to get the tractor running again in no time.

“Thank you,” said Farmer Fred. “I thought I was going to be stuck out here for hours.”

“I actually came out here to apologize to you for my behaviour earlier,” said Christopher, sincerely. “It was uncalled for. I was pretty rotten to you.”

“It’s okay,” said Farmer Fred. “I deal with rotten veggies out in the field all day. Believe me, you were far from being rotten.”

“So,” said Christopher. “What is that big surprise you were talking about?”

“It is huge,” said Farmer Fred. “After harvest is over, I promise I will tell you what it is. I am still working out the details.”

“Fair enough,” said Christopher. “I have an idea. Why don’t I help you with the harvest?”

“I would love that,” said Farmer Fred.

“The sooner harvest is over with,” said Christopher, laughing. “The sooner we find out about your secret.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Make sure you apologize if you have behaved badly.
  • Example: Christopher Corn apologized to Farmer Fred about the way he talked to him.
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