Thankful for Jen-Jen

My character Jen-Jen is based on a very important person in my life, my daughter, Jen-Jen. For this Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for Jen-Jen, both my daughter and my character. With my character, Jen-Jen, I enjoy writing stories about her. She loves to be outdoors and especially loves spending time in her garden. Jen-Jen’s […] Read More

Jen-Jen and her Summer Daydream

It was a warm, sunny summer day. Jen-Jen had a couple of hours before she had to go to work. She decided she would sit in her garden. “I love my garden so much,” said Jen-Jen. Jen-Jen thought about all the pretty flowers she had growing. She thought about all the different insects and animals […] Read More

Jen-Jen and Her Pretty Spring Garden

“It is spring,” said Jen-Jen. “However, it is still cold outside. I want to start working on my garden. I want it to be the prettiest garden I have ever seen.” Even though it was cold outside, there were some things that Jen-Jen could do to prepare her garden. Jen-Jen planted some of her flower […] Read More

Jen-Jen Bakes an Apple Pie

Jen-Jen went over to the cupboard in the kitchen and opened it up. She could smell cinnamon and nutmeg, her two favourite SPICES. The smell of them reminded her of APPLE pie. She loved apple pie and just had to have some. Jen-Jen walked down the HALLWAY and went out to her BACKYARD. She wanted […] Read More

Friday the 13th and a Happy Day

Unlucky Uncle Ungus saw the calendar on his bedroom wall and realized it was Friday the 13th. “Friday the 13th makes me so angry,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus to himself. “I have had bad luck my whole life and all because I was born on a Friday the 13th.” Unlucky Uncle Ungus got dressed. He […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip Waiting for Spring

“Is it spring yet?” Mrs. Tulip asked herself. Mrs. Tulip was buried in the ground waiting for the weather to warm up so that she could come alive. Mrs. Tulip wasn’t a regular tulip. She was a tulip in the sense that she grows from a bulb in the ground but she also can walk […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip and Spring Rains

“It is so nice to see that spring is finally here in the garden,” thought Mrs. Tulip to herself as she walked through the garden. “I didn’t think spring would ever come.”   It had been a very cold and harsh winter. There was a lot of snow. It seemed it would snow about a […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip Loves Spring

Mrs. Tulip was walking around the garden. She was enjoying the spring weather. It had been a very long and nasty winter. Mrs. Tulip saw her friend, Mr. Squirrel. He was very busy scurrying around from tree to tree. Mrs. Tulip saw him picking up old acorns and other seeds that he came across. “Mr. […] Read More

“E” is for Easter

“It is Easter,” said Alphabet Allie. “‘E’ is for Easter.” “Yes it is,” said Easter Lily, Alphabet Allie’s friend. “Easter is early this year. ‘E’ is for early.” “There is that lady who lives at the eastern edge of the garden,” said Alphabet Allie, noticing a lady coming out of her house. “‘E’ is for […] Read More

Easter Lily and Jellybeans

“It is a beautiful Easter morning,” said Easter Lily, while walking through the garden. “I am happy to see that everyone in the garden is happy.” Easter Lily comes alive each Easter. She has one goal and one goal only. Her goal is to make sure everyone in the garden is happy. If there is […] Read More

Easter Lily and the Chocolate Shortage

“It is almost Easter,” said Easter Lily, taking a walk in the garden. “It appears everyone is happy so it looks like Easter will go ahead as planned.” ” I am sorry,” said Easter Lily’s friend, Renee Chickadee. “We have a big problem and I know it is going to make you sad.” “Oh dear,” […] Read More

A Happy Easter Day

Easter Lily just finished cleaning up the garden and she had everything prepared for Easter day. She had also just made sure that everyone in the garden was happy. Easter won’t come to the garden if anyone is sad. “Are we ready for Easter?” asked Easter Lily’s best friend, Renee Chickadee. “We are,” said Easter […] Read More