Jayden and Her Pretty Spring Garden

“It is spring,” said Jayden. “However, it is still cold outside. I want to start working on my garden. I want it to be the prettiest garden I have ever seen.”

Even though it was cold outside, there were some things that Jayden could do to prepare her garden. Jayden planted some of her flower seeds indoors. She also took her rake out of the garage and raked up the earth in the garden. She also pulled out any weeds that she saw. Jayden also re-arranged the rocks around the garden.

“There,” said Jayden. “That is much better.”

Jayden was very happy about how her garden looked so far. She tried to picture it in her mind about how it was going to look once the flowers were growing.

“This is going to be the best garden there ever was,” said Jayden.

The next few days were still cold, but soon, it warmed up. Jayden was very happy because she was finally able to start planting the seedlings that she had planted inside.

“Oh my!” cried Jayden with joy, a few days later. “My flowers are starting to grow. They look so pretty. I think I have the prettiest spring garden in my neighbourhood. I am so pleased about how my garden is turning out.”


Moral of this Story:

  • There are things you can do when it is cold outside to prepare your garden.
  • Example: Jayden started planting some flower seeds inside while she waited for the nice weather to come.

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