Scrunchie Saved the Day

Scrunchie Monster was getting ready to go to school. He was in the kitchen with his dad and his 87 year old Aunt Mabel.

“I received a letter in the mail for you yesterday,” said Dad, handing Aunt Mabel a brightly coloured envelope. “I forgot to give it to you last night.”

“Thank you,” said Aunt Mabel. “I have been waiting for this letter. It concerns my late Arnold’s estate.”

‘Oh yes,” said Dad, remembering Aunt Mabel talking about how she was waiting for a letter from her lawyer concerning Uncle Arnold’s estate. “I remember you saying you have been waiting for it.”

Aunt Mabel read the letter and then she put it in her pocket. Dad left for work and Scrunchie left for school.

“I may as well go to the market,” said Aunt Mabel to herself. “We need a few groceries.”

She went to the market and picked up a few groceries. When she got home, she remembered that the letter explained to her that she would have to call the lawyers office to set up an appointment to sign some papers. She looked in the pocket of the sweater she was wearing but the letter wasn’t there.

“Oh dear!” cried Aunt Mabel. “Where is my letter? I need to find the phone number for the lawyer.”

Aunt Mabel searched all over the house for it. She was starting to panic because the letter was nowhere to be found.

“Okay,” said Aunt Mabel. “I need to think clearly. Where did I go today? The letter must have fallen out of my pocket. Wait, I was at the market today.”

Aunt Mabel walked back to the market to see if she could find the letter. Meanwhile, Scrunchie was on his way home from school. He was walking along the sidewalk the way he normally walks, all scrunched up. Scrunchie walks with his head low to the ground and his behind stuck up in the air. He finds this much more comfortable. As he was walking, he saw something bright and colourful on the sidewalk.

“That looks like Aunt Mabel’s letter,” thought Scrunchie to himself.

He picked it up and sure enough, it was Aunt Mabel’s letter. He took it home with him and set it on the kitchen counter. Then he went upstairs to do his homework.

“I can’t believe I lost that letter,” said Aunt Mabel, coming home from searching for her letter. “You would think that an envelope that colour would be easy to spot.”

Aunt Mabel was very frustrated. She was yelling and screaming. Scrunchie heard her from upstairs. He came down to find out what was going on.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Scrunchie. “What is going on? I could hear you all the way upstairs.”

“I am sorry,” said Aunt Mabel. “I lost that letter your dad gave me this morning. I thought I may have dropped it on my way to the market this morning but I walked back there this afternoon and I can’t find it.”

“I found it,” said Scrunchie. “I saw it on the sidewalk on my way home from school.”

“Oh my!” cried Aunt Mabel. “I am so happy and so relieved that you found it. How did you find it? I searched that sidewalk high and low all the way to the market and back.”

“I was just walking along,” said Scrunchie and I saw it on the sidewalk about a block from home.”

“Ah yes,” said Aunt Mabel. “You would have been doing the scrunchie walk. That makes sense. You do have the ability to find things that are on the ground so much easier than most.”

“That is because my eyes are always close to the ground,” laughed Scrunchie.

“Very true,” said Aunt Mabel, also laughing.

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