Winter Ice-Skating

Bright Idea was doing his homework at the kitchen table. He happened to look outside. He saw his grandmother go into the garage. At first he didn’t think anything of it but after 15 minutes of her being in there, he started to get concerned. He went outside to check up on her. “Grandma,” said […] Read More

List of Stories with Sally

Sally is a secondary character in Storyland. She is a friend of Storm Angel’s. Storm Angel likes to create dangerous storms. Sally tries to warn him that his storms could cause a lot of damage but he doesn’t listen. Sally is in love with Storm Angel. Meet Sally Meet Storm Angel Below please find a […] Read More

Meet Sally

Welcome to the Meet Sally page. Sally is a secondary character in Storyland. She lives in Gatineau, Quebec. She is friends with Storm Angel. Storm Angel loves storms. He has the ability to create them. Sometimes when he is angry, he will create massive storms. Sally tries to tell Storm Angel not to create the […] Read More

Ice-Cream on a Cold Day

“Hello Grandma,” said Bright Idea. “It is very cold here in Fredericton, New Brunswick today.” “Yes,” said Grandma. “It sure is. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind getting me a bowl of ice-cream.” “Sure,” said Bright Idea. “I can do that.” Bright Idea went into the kitchen and got Grandma a bowl of ice […] Read More

List of Stories with Grand Old Leprechaun

Grand Old Leprechaun is a secondary character in Storyland. He interacts with three leprechauns, Angry Leprechaun, Annie Leprechaun and Lucky Leprechaun. Grand Old Leprechaun is the oldest and wisest of all leprechauns. Meet Angry Leprechaun Meet Annie Leprechaun Meet Grand Old Leprechaun Meet Lucky Leprechaun Below please find a list of stories on the Storyland […] Read More

Meet Grand Old Leprechaun

Welcome to the Meet Grand Old Leprechaun page. Grand Old Leprechaun is a secondary character on the Storyland website. He appears in several of my St. Patrick Day stories and interacts with my three leprechaun characters, Angry Leprechaun, Annie Leprechaun and Lucky Leprechaun. Grand Old Leprechaun is the eldest leprechaun in Storyland. He is also […] Read More

Cold Weather

Bright Idea grabbed his winter coat and backpack and went outside to wait for his school bus. It was a bitterly cold winter day in Fredericton, New Brunswick. “I knew it was cold today,” said Bright Idea, setting his backpack on the ground and quickly zipping up his winter coat. “But I had no idea […] Read More

Happy Heart, Happy Heart

Billy Troll was working on his new album in his studio when he saw his wife, Dianne playing with their children through the studio window. He smiled and then went back to work. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Billy set his guitar down and answered the door. He was […] Read More

Love on Valentine’s Day

Beastly did up the buttons on his tuxedo jacket. He flipped his long donkey ears to the back of his head. He braced himself for the cold that was about to hit him, as he walked the short distance from his apartment to his dance studio. “Oh Winnipeg, Manitoba is always so cold,” said Beastly. […] Read More

Meet Snow Fairy

Welcome to the Meet Snow Fairy page. Snow Fairy is a little fairy that lives in a den, deep in the woods near Calgary, Alberta. Snow Fairy has a friend, Rambler Rabbit, who is adorable and loving. Rambler takes care of Snow Fairy and makes sure she is warm. Canadian winters can be cold and […] Read More