Muddy Spring

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Harvey Hippo. “I am going to go outside and play.” 

Harvey Hippo is very happy and friendly to everyone he meets. He takes the time to listen to what people say to him. 

“Good morning Harvey,” said Mrs. Robin, who was up in her nest feeding her three babies. 

“Good morning,” said Harvey, waving to Mrs. Robin. 

“I see you are going for a walk,” said Mrs. Robin. “It is a good day to do so.” 

“Yes,” said Harvey. “I am going over to the field so I can play.” 

“Be careful,” said Mrs. Robin. “There is lots of mud just before you get to the field.” 

“I will be careful,” said Harvey.  

“You won’t want to be getting mud everywhere,” said Mrs. Robin. 

“True,” said Harvey Hippo. 

Harvey waved goodbye to Mrs. Robin. He walked toward the field. He did see the mud Mrs. Robin was talking about. However, he didn’t think it was as bad as Mrs. Robin said. Instead of stepping over the mud, he went right through it. 

As he went further and further, he ended up with mud on himself. The mud turned out to be quite deep. He ended up falling in it and was completely covered in it. 

“Oh dear,” said Mrs. Robin, seeing Harvey when he returned. “I take it a trip to the river is in order for you.” 

“I am heading there right now,” said Harvey. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Be careful when walking around mud.
  • Example: Harvey Hippo was covered in mud when he walked right through some, after being told not to by Mrs. Robin.

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