Spring Sunshine

“I can’t believe the flowers I planted aren’t growing,” cried Stephanie. “I am so sad.” 

Tiki Bug felt that Stephanie was sad so he flew to where she was and sat on the picnic table she was sitting at. 

“Tiki Bug!” cried Stephanie. “I am so sad. My flowers aren’t growing. I have watered them every day and nothing.” 

“Let me take a look,” said Tiki Bug.  

Tiki Bug flew over to where Stephanie’s flowers were. He saw what the problem was right away. 

“You have no spring sunshine getting to your flowers,” explained Tiki Bug. “That branch right above you is blocking the sun.” 

“Oh thank you,” said Stephanie, looking above her and seeing the branch Tiki Bug was referring to. “I will talk to my mother tonight when she gets home and see if she can figure out how to remove it.” 

“I will come back in a few days,” said Tiki Bug. “The flowers should start growing soon.” 

“Thank you,” said Stephanie, waving goodbye to her friend. 

That evening Stephanie told her mother what Tiki Bug suggested. The next afternoon, Mother had arranged for their neighbour to remove the tree branch for them. A few days later, Tiki Bug showed up and was thrilled that Stephanie’s flowers were growing. He was also thrilled that Stephanie was happy. 

“All they needed was some spring sunshine,” said Stephanie, smiling. 

“Absolutely,” said Tiki Bug. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Flowers need water and spring sunshine to grow.
  • Example: Stephanie couldn’t figure out why her spring flowers weren’t growing. Tiki Bug explained a tree branch above them was blocking out the sun. Once it was removed the flowers started to grow.

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