Smelly Socks

“Hi Pugsy,” said Annabelle as she set her lunch box on the bench outside of her classroom.

“Oh hi Annabelle,” Pugsy blushed.

“What have you got for lunch today, Pugsy?” Annabelle asked. “I’ve got fried chicken.”

“Yum!” exclaimed Pugsy. “I’ll trade you.”

“Sure,” said Annabelle. “But, what do you have for your lunch?”

“I don’t know,” said Pugsy. “I didn’t have a chance to look. I was late getting up this morning but, I bet it’s something really good. Probably, it is some of Mommy’s best chocolate cake!”

“Okay,” said Annabelle. “I’ll trade.”

Annabelle grabbed Pugsy’s lunch box from him and gave him hers. She was just about to open it up to see what Pugsy had brought, when the school bell rang. Annabelle loved the lunches that Pugsy brought. His mother sure knew how to pack a good lunch. Many times Pugsy and Annabelle switched lunches.

Pugsy didn’t mind switching his lunch with Annabelle, sometimes. He loved Annabelle’s mother’s fried chicken. It was the best!

Annabelle dreamed all through her morning classes about the lunch she was going to have. She dreamed about pizza and a nice big thick slice of roast beef on homemade bread with a plump ripe tomato on it.

Several times, the teacher, Mrs. Woods, had to scold Annabelle for not paying attention in class.

“My Annabelle!” Mrs. Woods exclaimed. “What are you dreaming about?”

“I traded my lunch with Pugsy,” said Annabelle.

“Oh,” said Mrs. Woods. “I see. Well, let’s try to concentrate on our school work.”

Lunch time finally crept around. Pugsy ran out to the hall and grabbed Annabelle’s lunch box and Annabelle grabbed Pugsy’s lunch box.

“Yum!” Pugsy said as he bit into one of the pieces of fried chicken. “This is good!”

A terrible smell filled the room as Annabelle opened Pugsy’s lunch box.

“Pugsy!” exclaimed Annabelle when she saw that there was nothing but a pair of smelly socks in the lunch box. “I want my lunch back!”

“My little brother must have put these in there,” Pugsy said as he examined the contents of his lunch box. “I bet he ate my lunch last night. I’ll share your lunch with you.”

The two friends happily enjoyed the rest of Annabelle’s fried chicken.

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