Jerome Finds a Friend

“I am very lonely,” said Jerome to himself as he walked the streets of Kelowna, BC. Jerome was a 46 year old man that was down on his luck. He had no family, no home, no job and no money. “I am so cold and so hungry,” said Jerome. Jerome pulled up the collar on […] Read More

Jackie Jester and the Safe Prank

It was April Fool’s Day. Jackie Jester was trying to think of a prank he could play on his mother. He wanted to put coloured soap in the kitchen sink so there would be coloured bubbles when his mother did the dishes. “Mother will love that prank,” said Jackie to himself. “I do have to […] Read More

Jackie Jester

“Jackie,” said Mother one morning at the breakfast table. “Your birthday is coming up soon. What would you like to do for your birthday?” “I would like to play pranks on my friends,” said Jackie Jester. “I think we could arrange that,” said Mother. “Just remember though, all your pranks must be safe. We wouldn’t […] Read More

A Happy Easter Day

Easter Lily just finished cleaning up the garden and she had everything prepared for Easter day. She had also just made sure that everyone in the garden was happy. Easter won’t come to the garden if anyone is sad. “Are we ready for Easter?” asked Easter Lily’s best friend, Renee Chickadee. “We are,” said Easter […] Read More

It is Easter

Easter Lily poked her head out of the ground. She was very happy because she knew it was almost Easter and she was also very happy because she was alive once again.   Easter Lily stood up and shook the dirt off her. She then saw her friend, Renee Chickadee fly overhead.   “Renee!” called […] Read More

Cranky Bunny and his Handsome Easter Suit

“Oh no!” shouted cranky Bunny in his usual cranky voice. “I can’t find it. I can’t find it anywhere. I have looked everywhere for it.” “I see you are cranky again,” said Mother. “What are you looking for?” “I am looking for my Easter suit,” said Cranky Bunny. “I don’t have time to look for […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip and Spring Snow

“The sky is blue and the grass is green,” said Mrs. Tulip, walking through the garden on a warm spring day. “I am so happy that spring is finally here.” Mrs. Tulip continued walking. Mrs. Robin flew past her. She was carrying worms in her mouth for her babies. She did manage to shake her […] Read More

Cranky Bunny wants Chocolate

“It is Easter day,” said Cranky Bunny as he walked into the kitchen and saw his friend, Julie sitting at the kitchen table. “Yes,” said Julie, smiling. “It is Easter. I do hope you are happy about that. I hope you aren’t cranky.” “To tell you the truth,” said Cranky Bunny. “I am cranky.” “Why […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip and a Happy Spring

“I am so happy,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up in the garden dirt from her long winter nap and stretching her leaves. “Spring is finally here. I can walk around the garden and stretch.” Mrs. Tulip was very happy about spring being there because it was a long winter. “I am going to go for […] Read More

Meet Sprinkles

Sprinkles is a fun and loving character that I created. Instead of hair, Sprinkles has candy coated sprinkles instead. Whenever someone needs sprinkles to put on a cake or other baked item, they just take handfuls of sprinkles from Sprinkles’ head. Sprinkles never runs out of sprinkles because as soon as some of them are […] Read More