Becky Bobcat Frightens Ugly Sally

“Bye Daddy,” said Ugly Sally, giving her father a kiss. “I am going trick-or-treating.”

“Be careful out there,” said Father. “There have been reports of a vicious bobcat in the area.”

“I will be careful,” said Ugly Sally.

“Maybe I should come with you,” said Father.

“You can if you want,” said Ugly Sally.

“I think I will,” said Father. “I could never live with myself if anything happened to you.”

Father put on his shoes and his jacket and walked outside with Ugly Sally. He waited patiently as Ugly Sally went from house to house collecting candy. As Ugly Sally went to a house at the end of their street, Father recognized the woman, Mrs. Jamieson, who answered the door. He started talking to her.

“Do you really think the bobcat is going to come out tonight?” asked Mrs. Jamieson. “The streets are packed with noisy children.”

“I was thinking we probably won’t see it tonight,” said Father.

“Father,” said Ugly Sally impatiently. “I am going to go to the couple of houses across the street while you talk to Mrs. Jamieson.

“Okay,” said Father. “Be careful. I will meet you over there.”

“Okay,” said Ugly Sally.

Ugly Sally went to the first house without incident. She decided she would take a shortcut across the lawn to get to the second house. Just as she walked up close to the garage of the second house, Ugly Sally saw two eyeballs staring at her. Then she heard a loud piercing meow.

“Ugly Sally,” said Father, coming up from behind her. “Was that the bobcat?”

“I don’t know,” said Ugly Sally, who stood frozen in her tracks, the hair on her arms and the back of her neck standing straight up.

As Father and Ugly Sally stood there, a tiny little kitten walked out in front of the garage.

“You don’t think that is the vicious bobcat,” laughed Ugly Sally, going over and picking up the little kitten.

“She does look like a little bobcat,” said Father, patting the kitten on the head.

“Yes,” said Ugly Sally. “She has the same markings and colouring of a bobcat.”

“She doesn’t have a short stubby tail though,” said Father.

“That is where you got to,” said the owner of the kitten, who just came out of the house.

“She is beautiful,” said Ugly Sally.

“We thought at first it was the vicious bobcat,” said Father.

The owner reached over and took the kitten from Ugly Sally’s arms. The kitten let out a loud ear-piercing scream.

“She is beautiful,” laughed the owner. “She does sound and look like a real bobcat. We named her Becky Bobcat.”

“I think the bobcat mystery has been solved,” laughed Father.

Moral of this Story:

  • Sounds can be deceiving.
  • Example: The loud meow of Becky Bobcat made everyone think she was a real bobcat.
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