Halloween Wedding

“I want us to set a date for our wedding, said Frankie the Monster, to his fiancée, Anna. “I want to get married as soon as we can.” “Would tomorrow be soon enough?” asked Anna. “Tomorrow is Halloween,” said Frankie. “I know,” said Anna. “We are going to be dressing up as a bride and […] Read More

Fear of Peanut Butter

“Are you going to come trick-or-treating with me this Halloween?” asked Peanut’s best friend, Beth. “Yes,” said Peanut. “I would love to.” “Wonderful,” said Beth. “You don’t even have to dress up.” “No,” laughed Peanut, walking ahead of Beth. “I don’t. I can just go as I am, a peanut plant. What are you going […] Read More

Halloween Bash with Batty

“Today is Halloween,” said Fawn. “I love Halloween.” “You love all the candy,” said Spot. “True,” said Fawn. “But I also like dressing up.” Spot laughed because Fawn never dressed up for Halloween. Every time she would suggest costume ideas he would snub his nose at her. “You are funny,” said spot. “You never dress […] Read More

Meet Zimba Zombie

Welcome to the Meet Zimba Zombie page. Zimba was a very young man from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He was a very handsome young man until he was turned into a zombie. Even though Zimba is now a zombie, he is still full of life. He is very strong willed and he refuses to just give up […] Read More

Meet Creepy Creature

Welcome to the Meet Creepy Creature page. Creepy Creature is an annoying little pest. He is also very creepy looking. Creepy Creature stands about three feet tall. His skin is a bright green colour and it is the texture of aluminum foil. Being annoying isn’t his only faults. Creepy Creature screams all the time and […] Read More

Dance Classes on Halloween Night

It is Halloween night in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is close to winter in Winnipeg. It is freezing cold and there is a ton of snow already. Beastly walked the streets dressed only in his tuxedo. Meanwhile, everyone else had their winter coats, boots, scarves, hats and even their long underwear on. Normally, people stare […] Read More

Meet Spooky Ghost

Welcome to the Meet Spooky Ghost page. Spooky Ghost is a Halloween character I created in 2006. Spooky Ghost lives in a haunted house just west of Kamloops, BC. There are ten other ghosts that live there. Spooky Ghost is good friends with Fawn and Spot, two cows that are Storyland characters. Even though he […] Read More