Grampy’s Little Green Car

Once upon a time there lived a little man. This little man’s name was Grampy. Now, Grampy had short grey hair and he wore glasses. He also owned a little green car. This little green car wasn’t an ordinary car. It was a hot-rod and it was a car that Grampy loved very much.

Grampy’s love for this little green car started back when he was a bit younger. He happened to be out travelling the back roads one day and he spotted the little green car in a cornfield, sitting there all alone. Grampy wanted that car. He went home and counted all the money that he had. He had just enough to buy the car with and that is exactly what he did.

Over the years, Grampy spent a lot of time working on the little green car. At one time, he had the car all fixed up and he even drove it around. Everybody loved that little green car and Grampy was very proud of it.

Several more years went by. Grampy had seven grandchildren by this time. He had a very big problem. You see, everywhere Grampy went, his grandchildren went, too. It was alright when he had one and then two grandchildren. They all fit in his little green car. However, Grampy could not fit all of his grandchildren in the little green car, all at once. Grampy made a very wise, but difficult decision. He bought a station-wagon and he parked his little green car in his garage.

Grampy drove his new station wagon around town. He could fit all of his grandchildren into it, quite comfortably. However, Grampy was not happy. He missed his little green car, very much. Every night he would sit in his garage and look at his little green car with tears in his eyes.

A few more years went by. His grandchildren got older. An idea came to him. He decided that he would let his grandchildren have his station-wagon and then he could drive his little green car again.

That night, he approached his grandchildren with his idea. Unfortunately for Grampy, his idea didn’t work. His grandchildren had an even better idea. They would drive the little green car and Grampy would keep the station-wagon. Well, to this very day, Grampy is still driving his little green car. No, his grandchildren are not driving the station-wagon. You see, Grampy went out and bought each of his grandchildren a little green car. Now, everyone was happy!


Moral of this Story:

  • Grampy just wanted everyone to be happy.
  • Example: Grampy couldn’t fit all of his grandchildren in his little green car anymore so, he bought a station-wagon and parked his little green car.

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