Gourd in the Garden

“Oh no!” exclaimed Christopher Corn. “We have a visitor to the garden.” “Who is it?” asked Cameron Cauliflower. “It’s Gord Downie,” said Christopher. “That is too bad,” said Cameron. “Yes,” said Christopher. “It is. I knew he had that rare brain cancer but, I really thought he had a few years left on Earth yet.” […] Read More

Christopher Corn in the Cornfield

“How come nobody has fixed the wires on the stage yet?” asked Christopher Corn, angrily, during a recent practice session. “It was raining and we have live wires everywhere. I can see someone tripping on them and that someone will probably be me.” “I will fix them,” said Oliver Onion. “I don’t have anything better […] Read More

Christopher Corn and the Corn Maze

“Okay Cameron,” said Christopher Corn during a practice session one hot, muggy, summer day. “That dance routine was really good but I think you should enter from the opposite side of the stage. There aren’t as many cords on the other side.” “I can do that,” said Cameron Cauliflower, confused. “However, there are more chords […] Read More

Grampy’s Little Green Car

Once upon a time there lived a little man. This little man’s name was Grampy. Now, Grampy had short grey hair and he wore glasses. He also owned a little green car. This little green car wasn’t an ordinary car. It was a hot-rod and it was a car that Grampy loved very much. Grampy’s […] Read More

The Lonely Scarecrow

“Oh I’m so lonely,” said a voice from the cornfield. “I wish that I had a friend.” Joshua looked across the field from where he sat in his tractor. “I must be hearing things,” said Joshua. “I could have sworn I heard someone talking to me.” “Oh I’m so lonely,” the voice called once more. […] Read More

Hoot! Hoot!

Farmer Jim was out in the fields, ploughing his cornfield. It was a warm autumn day. “Hoot! Hoot!” cried an owl, flying over the field. “Oh be quiet!” exclaimed Farmer Jim, angrily. “I can’t concentrate on my ploughing with you hollering your fool head off!” The owl flew away. “Ahoo Ahoo!” a wolf howled in […] Read More