The First Christmas

Caveman Jack was walking through a heavily forested area. He had never been to this part of the forest before so everything was all new to him. Caveman Jack was just about to turn around and leave when he heard a voice behind him.

“How come you are walking through my forest?” asked an older man with a beard as white as snow.

“I’m sorry,” said Caveman Jack. “I didn’t know this was your forest.”

“Oh I see,” said the man. “So you’ve never been here before.”

“No,” said Caveman Jack. “I haven’t. I think I’m a little lost because I was trying to find hunting area for my family for this winter but I think I may have gone a little too far.”

“Well,” said the man. “Now that you are here, why don’t you come in and we can have a cup of tea together. By the way, my name is Santa Claus.”

“Sure,” said Caveman Jack, only because he was curious about his friend. “I’d love a cup of tea.”

Santa Claus walked a little ways through the forest and soon they came to a huge opening. Caveman Jack was amazed at what he saw. There in the midst of the opening was a huge castle. Caveman Jack had never seen a house before, let alone a castle. He was very impressed at what he saw.

“So you live here,” said Caveman Jack.

“Yes,” said Santa Claus, who went into one room for a moment and put on a pair of bright red pajamas. “I do. I built this place with the help of some of my little elf friends. I’ve lived here for many years.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Caveman Jack, totally impressed with what he saw. “This is awesome!”

Santa Claus took Caveman Jack on a tour of the castle. He also showed Caveman Jack his workshop, where little elves were busy making all kinds of little wooden toys. They were making wooden dolls and wooden wagons and wooden tools.

“Why are you making all these wooden tools?” asked Caveman Jack.

“Well my elves just like to make them,” said Santa Claus.

“But wouldn’t it be great if little boys and girls could enjoy your toys?” asked Caveman Jack.

“Well yes,” said Santa Claus. “But how would I get the toys to them?”

Caveman Jack noticed a huge burlap sack sitting in the corner of the workshop. He grabbed the burlap sack and started filling it with the wooden toys. He placed the bag over his shoulder.

“Now,” said Santa Claus. “That is a wonderful idea!”

Santa Claus helped Caveman Jack load more toys into the sack and when they were finished Caveman Jack could barely lift the sack.

“Now what?” asked Santa Claus. “I will never be able to lift that sack of toys by myself.”

Caveman Jack noticed what looked like an old cart outside and then he also noticed some reindeer standing along a fence.

“I’ve got an idea,” said Caveman Jack. “I’ll be back in a bit.”

Caveman Jack went outside and got some rope that he had seen lying on the ground. He tied the reindeer together and then tied them to the cart. He went back inside the workshop and got the sack of toys and put them into the cart.

“Perfect idea,” said Santa Claus. “Did you know these aren’t just any reindeer?”

“Huh?” asked Caveman Jack.

“These reindeer are special,” said Santa Claus. “These reindeer can fly.”

“Even better,” said Caveman Jack.

Caveman Jack watched as Santa Claus got on the cart and before he knew it, the reindeer were flying in the sky. Santa Claus gave Caveman Jack a big hearty wave and was off.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” exclaimed Santa Claus, as jolly as he could be. He went around from village to village all over the world and dropped toys off to each village for all the little boys and girls.

Christmas was born and Santa Claus was very happy seeing that someone was getting enjoyment out of all the toys that his elves were making.

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