Bluey Bluebird and a Clear Blue Sky

Bluey Bluebird flew around Storyland. It was a warm spring day. The sky was clear and it was a beautiful blue colour. It was beautiful to see.   “The colour of the sky almost matches my blue colour,” said Bluey Bluebird. “That made me very happy.”   Bluey Bluebird flew around Storyland.   “I think […] Read More

Happy Balloon Family’s Mother’s Day

“It is Mother’s Day,” said Daddy Balloon to his two children, Sissy Balloon and Baby Balloon, while they were flying around Storyland. “Let’s be nice to Mother today and give her a special day.” Sissy and Baby were on their best behaviour. They didn’t argue or bicker with one another. They tidied up around them […] Read More

Beatrice Bee and Happy Honey

Beatrice Bee felt COLD one morning as she flew around Storyland. “It is cold today,” said Beatrice Bee out loud. “Yes,” said Racum Raccoon, who overheard Beatrice. “It is cold today.” Racum Raccoon was in the middle of eating some HONEY. Even though he was cold, he was extremely HAPPY. The reason he was so […] Read More

Jen-Jen Bakes an Apple Pie

Jen-Jen went over to the cupboard in the kitchen and opened it up. She could smell cinnamon and nutmeg, her two favourite SPICES. The smell of them reminded her of APPLE pie. She loved apple pie and just had to have some. Jen-Jen walked down the HALLWAY and went out to her BACKYARD. She wanted […] Read More

Meet Bluey Bluebird

Bluey Bluebird is a brand new spring character on the Storyland website. She likes to sit on a fence post day in and day out. She likes to watch as life goes by. Bluey Bluebird is always happy. Her forest friends like to talk to her. She is very friendly to everyone she meets. Some […] Read More

Mrs. Robin and the Coming of Spring

Mrs. Robin poked her head out of her nest. She saw that there was lots of snow on the ground, even though it was now spring. “Even though my calendar says that spring is here,” said Mrs. Robin to herself. “The weather outside isn’t spring like.” Mrs. Robin curled back into the nest, snuggling with […] Read More

Mrs. Robin and Spring Sunshine

It was finally spring. Mrs. Robin was very happy about that. She was, however, unhappy because all it did was rain. “I wish the sun would come out,” said Mrs. Robin to herself. Mrs. Robin normally liked the rain because when it rains, it makes it easier for her to find worms to feed her […] Read More

Friday the 13th and a Happy Day

Unlucky Uncle Ungus saw the calendar on his bedroom wall and realized it was Friday the 13th. “Friday the 13th makes me so angry,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus to himself. “I have had bad luck my whole life and all because I was born on a Friday the 13th.” Unlucky Uncle Ungus got dressed. He […] Read More

Mrs. Robin is Afraid of Rain

“I am so glad that spring is finally here,” said Mrs. Robin. “Now I can go and gather some worms for my babies.” Mrs. Robin flew down from her nest that she had built at the top of a very tall balsam poplar tree. She could hear her three babies crying. They were hungry. “It […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip Waiting for Spring

“Is it spring yet?” Mrs. Tulip asked herself. Mrs. Tulip was buried in the ground waiting for the weather to warm up so that she could come alive. Mrs. Tulip wasn’t a regular tulip. She was a tulip in the sense that she grows from a bulb in the ground but she also can walk […] Read More