Christopher Corn’s Love of Music

Christopher Corn sat on a wooden plank up against the barn wall. He had his guitar in his hand and was strumming on it. He listened to the sound of it. It was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard.

Christopher loved the fact that he could continue creating music. He loved music. Music was his passion and it was his soul.

He sat contemplating his life and he was grateful for everything he now had. However, he did miss his life on Earth and the people he had left behind. He did wish now that he had handled things better. However, he was also very aware that he could not change the past but that he could make the future better than ever.

Christopher remembered his first night in Loud Garden. It was right after he had ended his life on Earth. He remembered a huge storm with tons of rain, loud claps of thunder and the brightest strikes of lightning. He remembered a surge of energy and he then remembered that in a split second, he had been turned into a walking, talking and breathing cob of corn.

Christopher remembered being scared and he remembered feeling alone but looking around, he saw he wasn’t alone. He saw he was in a garden and there were other walking, talking and breathing vegetables there too, just like him. It wasn’t long before Christopher created the band, Loud Garden, and he was grateful that he was able to create all the music he could.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always appreciate and love music.
  • Example: Christopher Corn knows he loves music.
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