Mrs. Robin and the Coming of Spring

Mrs. Robin poked her head out of her nest. She saw that there was lots of snow on the ground, even though it was now spring.

“Even though my calendar says that spring is here,” said Mrs. Robin to herself. “The weather outside isn’t spring like.”

Mrs. Robin curled back into the nest, snuggling with her three babies, trying to keep them warm and herself warm as well. About an hour later, Mrs. Robin felt snowflakes hitting her head. She so badly wanted the snow to stop. She was so tired of it. She wanted winter to be over and she wanted spring to come.

That night, she stayed in the nest and cuddled with her babies. The next morning, to her surprise, spring was finally here. She felt the warmth of the sun hitting the back of her head. It felt so good and she was so happy.

Mrs. Robin stood up straight and let her babies feel the warmth of the sun on them. They were so happy that they started to chirp.

The coming of spring was a very happy time for the robins. The three babies thrived in the warm spring sunshine.


Moral of this Story:

  • The coming of spring is a happy time.
  • Example: Mrs. Robin and her three babies thrived in the warm spring sunshine.
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