Arrow’s Christmas Wish

Arrow is a cat, a good cat but a very silly cat too. He knows that Christmas is coming and he has been trying to be a very good boy because there is one thing that he wants for Christmas. No, it isn’t cat toys or cat treats. The only thing that Arrow wants for Christmas is to spend Christmas with his Mommy. He overheard Mommy talking on the phone with her friend saying that she might not be home for Christmas.

Arrow loves him Mommy more than anything in the entire world. When Mommy comes home from work, Arrow runs onto her bed and rolls over onto his back and waits there for Mommy to come give him hugs and kisses. He also play fights with Mommy all the time and he sleeps on Mommy’s head at night and purrs in her ear.

What Arrow doesn’t know is that Mommy loves him just as much and possibly more than he loves her and Mommy does not want to leave Arrow alone for Christmas. Arrow means everything to Mommy and has since the day she took him out of his little crate when he was only six weeks old. One other thing that Arrow doesn’t know is that Mommy is trying to find a new house for them to live in and she is hoping that will be her Christmas present to Arrow so when Arrow overheard Mommy on the phone saying she won’t be home, it is because she is hoping she will be in a new house for Christmas.

A few weeks before Christmas, Arrow was surprised when Mommy came in and put him in his crate. He was even more surprised when Mommy let him out of his crate about an hour later. He was in a whole new house and he was so happy. He ran around the house checking every single thing he could.

Christmas morning came along and Arrow woke up early and ran into Mommy’s new bedroom. He stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed Mommy wasn’t in bed. He was so sad. In fact he was so sad that he started to cry.

“Arrow,” called Mommy from the bedroom door, watching him sitting on the bed crying. “Why are you crying?”

Arrow was so happy to see Mommy. He jumped from the bed and jumped right into her arms and he let her give him a thousand hugs and kisses.

“Did you think I left you?” asked Mommy, rubbing his tummy. “You silly little boy!”

Arrow had the best Christmas ever. He got what he wanted, Christmas with his Mommy.

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