Happy Heart and Bad Teeth Bradley

“It is Valentine’s Day,” said Bad Teeth Bradley, looking at the Valentine candy in the window of the candy store. “That candy looks so good. I really wish I could have some.” Bad Teeth Bradley loved candy but he also had rotten teeth. His dentist, Dr. Stevens, had done extensive work on Bad Teeth Bradley’s […] Read More

Happy Heart at the Bakery

Happy Heart knew it was Valentine’s Day. She had to get to Storyland so she could spread her love and happiness to everyone. Once at Storyland, Happy Heart saw a bakery. She sensed that someone was unhappy inside the bakery. “Can I please have ten loaves of bread and two blueberry pies?” asked a customer. […] Read More

Jen-Jen and an Early Spring

“Today is Groundhog Day,” said Jen-Jen as she looked at her calendar. “It would be really nice if we had an early spring.” Jen-Jen put her winter coat and winter boots on. She went outside and saw that it had been snowing. It was also very cold. “My garden is covered in snow,” said Jen-Jen. […] Read More

Sprinkles on Groundhog Day

Sprinkles on Groundhog Day … “Now,” said Sprinkles’ Mother. “Your grandmother is expecting this cake. It is cold outside so make sure you dress warm.” “Yes Mother,” said Sprinkles, putting on her winter coat and boots. “I sure wish that winter was over.” “I do too,” said Mother. Sprinkles walked through the forest to her […] Read More

Mr. Winter Makes Winter Too Warm

“Oh Victoria,” said Mr. Winter, when he picked her up one winter evening for their date. “You look so beautiful. I am very much in love with you.” “I am in love with you too,” said Victoria. “Meeting you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Mr. Winter and Victoria have been […] Read More

Runner Rabbit

Runner Rabbit … “Oh dear!” cried Runner Rabbit, after opening up his cell phone bill. “Why is my cell phone bill so high? I can’t afford to pay that!” Runner Rabbit stuffed the bill in his desk drawer. “Maybe if I ignore it,” said Runner, to himself. “Then maybe I won’t have to pay it.” […] Read More

LiMa Bean Young

“Christopher Corn,” said Calvin Carrot. “It looks to me like we have a new visitor.” “Not another one,” said Christopher Corn, very disappointed. “Who is it?” “It looks like Malcolm Young,” said Calvin. “Not good at all,” said Christopher. “I don’t know what is happening on the planet Earth these days but there are way […] Read More

Meet Neon Cop

Welcome to the Meet Neon Cop page. One of the very first characters I wrote about was the Neon Cop. He fought crime in his fluorescent coloured shorts, top and sunglasses. In the first book I wrote, he finds a little girl at the beach. The little girl’s name was Jenny. Jenny’s mother had left […] Read More

Lonely Scarecrow Has a Heart

“You know,” said Lonely Scarecrow to his best friend, Dallas. “I love being a scarecrow but, one thing I wish I had was a heart.” “I don’t understand what you mean by that,” said Dallas. “I am pretty sure you already have one.” “I don’t,” said Lonely Scarecrow, undoing the buttons on his shirt and […] Read More

Gourd in the Garden

“Oh no!” exclaimed Christopher Corn. “We have a visitor to the garden.” “Who is it?” asked Cameron Cauliflower. “It’s Gord Downie,” said Christopher. “That is too bad,” said Cameron. “Yes,” said Christopher. “It is. I knew he had that rare brain cancer but, I really thought he had a few years left on Earth yet.” […] Read More

Lonely Scarecrow’s Summer

“This summer has been a scorcher,” said Lonely Scarecrow, while he sat on the fence post. “We have had almost no rain for the past two months.” Lonely Scarecrow lives on Joshua and Penny’s farm. He doesn’t mind living there. He figures he actually has a pretty good life. He has a scarecrow partner, Hazel, […] Read More

Summer Date for Frankie

Summer Date … “How is your day going?” Frankie asked Anna when he dropped by the diner to have a cup of coffee. “Don’ t ask,” said Anna, carrying a tray full of coffee in one hand and wiping spilled coffee in the other. “I just spilled coffee all over the table. Thankfully the customer […] Read More