Mr. Winter Makes Winter Too Warm

“Oh Victoria,” said Mr. Winter, when he picked her up one winter evening for their date. “You look so beautiful. I am very much in love with you.”

“I am in love with you too,” said Victoria. “Meeting you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Mr. Winter and Victoria have been so happy with one another. Since Mr. Winter is in charge of the winter season, his happy mood has affected the temperature. It has been a very unusually warm winter.

At first people loved the warm weather. They didn’t have to bundle up to go outdoors. They didn’t have to wait for their vehicles to warm up and they didn’t have to shovel snow. However, being a typical Canadian, people were starting to miss their usual winter activities such as playing hockey, ice fishing, skating and skiing.

“I wish Mr. Winter never met Victoria,” said random people in the streets. “I can’t believe this but, I am missing winter.”

“What am I going to do?” asked Mr. Winter, after he and Victoria both heard what people were saying. “I have no desire to make winter cold and nasty since I met you.”

“I know the feeling,” said Victoria. “However, is it right that we are keeping everyone away from winter just because we are so happy.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Winter.. “You are right. I guess I am going to have to create some winter weather.”

“You could make it gradual,” said Victoria. “That way. it won’t be too cold or too nasty.”

“Good idea,” said Mr. Winter.

Mr. Winter turned the thermometer down gradually and he reached up and pulled two fluffy snow clouds together. Soon, winter had gradually returned and everyone was happy.


Moral of this Story:

  • Canadians love winter.
  • Example: People were complaining because Mr. Winter was not creating any winter weather. People were missing their winter activities.

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