A Slushy Winter Day

“Thank you for the lovely dinner,” said Mr. Winter. “I am in a very good mood right now.” “I am glad,” said Mr. Winter’s girlfriend, Victoria. “It was a very nice dinner.” “I think I am going to have some fun with winter,” said Mr. Winter. “What kind of fun?” asked Victoria, who was a […] Read More

A Frosty Winter Day

Mr. Iceman was at a park in Calgary, Alberta on a cold and frosty winter day. He was helping flatten out a new section of the park that was going to be turned into a skating rink. Mr. Iceman was chosen to make the ice for it. “Mr. Iceman,” a familiar voice called out to […] Read More

Slippery Ice

It was a freezing cold winter day in Calgary, Alberta. Everyone was muttering under their breaths about just how cold it was. It seemed the only person outside enjoying himself was Mr. Iceman. “This is perfect ice making weather,” said Mr. Iceman, opening his front door and heading outside. Mr. Iceman was dressed in a […] Read More

A Down South Adventure

“Good morning,” said Mr. Iceman as he waved to his neighbour, Warren, who was outside shoveling snow from his car. “I don’t know what is so good about it,” grumbled Warren. “But then I suppose you love the snow.” “I certainly do,” said Mr. Iceman. “You can have it,” said Warren. “I am going down […] Read More

Mountain Kid and the Ice Storm

Mountain Kid woke up early one winter morning. He ate a quick breakfast and then went outside to start up his truck. “It is a bit cold today,” said Mountain Kid, while sitting in his truck, rubbing his hands together. “That wind coming down from the mountain is brutal.” Mountain Kid lives in the mountains […] Read More

Mountain Kid’s Winter Stew

“That cloud in the sky does not look good,” said Mountain Kid. Mountain Kid was outside of his log cabin. He was putting his tools away because he had been working on his truck in his driveway. “I’d better get these tools put away,” said Mountain Kid. “It looks like a bad winter storm is […] Read More

Mountain Kid’s Winter Paradise

Mountain Kid woke up one bright winter day. He saw that there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground. “It looks so beautiful outside,” said Mountain Kid, putting his jacket and boots on. “It looks clean and fresh with all that pure white snow.” Mountain Kid opened his front door and stood on […] Read More

Neon Cop’s Snowy Capture

It was a very snowy winter day. The Neon Cop had to go to the police station to file some papers. “Rick,” said Neon Cop’s wife, Suzie. “Do you have to go to work today? It is horrible out today.” “Chief Lewis wants these papers today,” said Neon Cop. “I will be back home as […] Read More

Neon Cop’s Slippery Capture

“Neon Cop,” said his wife, Suzie, one winter afternoon, while she was cleaning the house. “Jenny needs a new pair of shoes. Do you mind taking her to the mall?” “No,” said Neon Cop. “I don’t mind at all.” Neon Cop and his step-daughter, Jenny, went to the shoe store at the mall. Jenny had […] Read More

Neon Cop’s Winter Investigation

Neon Cop’s Winter Investigation … Suzie was cooking dinner. She was making Jenny and Rick’s favourite winter dish, beef stew. “I wonder where Jenny is,” thought Suzie, while she cut up the potatoes and put them in the pot. “She should have been home an hour ago.” Suzie looked outside. She could see it was […] Read More