A Melted Slushy Snowman

“Oh dear,” said Stacey, looking out the window. “It looks like Slushy Snowman is melting.” Stacey knew this day was going to come eventually but she hoped it would be at least a few more days. Stacey went outside to see her friend. “Stacey,” said Slushy Snowman in an angry voice. “I am melting. You […] Read More

Slushy Snowman – Character Insight

I created Slushy Snowman because I wanted to draw a snowman, which is actually a very simple reason. I am very pleased at how he turned out. I thought of the name Slushy Snowman for him because snowmen do melt and they do become slushy. I made Slushy Snowman into an angry character because we […] Read More

A Curious Snowman

“Today in Quebec City it is freezing cold,” said Slushy snowman. “Tomorrow it could be warm enough to melt the snow. What happens to me when that happens? I am getting very angry thinking about this.” “Slushy Snowman,” said his friend, Stacey. “I doubt very much if it is going to be very warm out […] Read More

Slushy Icicles

Slushy Snowman stood outside of his friend, Stacey’s home in Quebec City, Quebec. It was a fairly nice day as far as a winter day in Quebec could be. “It is so nice out today that I am starting to melt,” said Slushy Snowman. “I have water dripping off my head.” That night, it turned […] Read More

A Slushy Mushy Snowman

Slushy Snowman stood outside on a freezing cold winter day in Quebec City, Quebec. He saw the lights come on in the kitchen of his friend, Stacey’s house. He saw Stacey’s sister and mother get into their van and leave. “Where is Stacey?” asked Slushy Snowman to himself. “She always leaves with her sister and […] Read More

An Angry Snowman

Slushy Snowman stood outside the home he was built at in Quebec City, Quebec. He watched as people drove home from work and school. He watched as women entered their houses, turned their kitchen light on and opened their refrigerators, deciding on what to make their families for dinner. He watched as men grabbed the […] Read More

Winter Ice-Skating

Bright Idea was doing his homework at the kitchen table. He happened to look outside. He saw his grandmother go into the garage. At first he didn’t think anything of it but after 15 minutes of her being in there, he started to get concerned. He went outside to check up on her. “Grandma,” said […] Read More

Ice-Cream on a Cold Day

“Hello Grandma,” said Bright Idea. “It is very cold here in Fredericton, New Brunswick today.” “Yes,” said Grandma. “It sure is. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind getting me a bowl of ice-cream.” “Sure,” said Bright Idea. “I can do that.” Bright Idea went into the kitchen and got Grandma a bowl of ice […] Read More

Cold Weather

Bright Idea grabbed his winter coat and backpack and went outside to wait for his school bus. It was a bitterly cold winter day in Fredericton, New Brunswick. “I knew it was cold today,” said Bright Idea, setting his backpack on the ground and quickly zipping up his winter coat. “But I had no idea […] Read More

Meet Snow Fairy

Welcome to the Meet Snow Fairy page. Snow Fairy is a little fairy that lives in a den, deep in the woods near Calgary, Alberta. Snow Fairy has a friend, Rambler Rabbit, who is adorable and loving. Rambler takes care of Snow Fairy and makes sure she is warm. Canadian winters can be cold and […] Read More

Meet Rambler Rabbit

Welcome to the Meet Rambler Rabbit page. Rambler Rabbit is a very adorable little bunny rabbit who always takes care of Snow Fairy. Snow Fairy is always cold. Rambler always makes sure that she is warm. He brings her warm blankets, hot soup and makes sure she has a warm fire going in her fireplace. […] Read More

Freezing Cold Sprinkles

“I am supposed to go see Chelsea today,” said Sprinkles. “But it is such a cold day.” “Maybe you should just stay home today,” said Mother. “It is the coldest day of winter here in Brandon, Manitoba.” “But it is Chelsea’s birthday,” said Sprinkles. “She is counting on me. I am her best friend.” “Oh,” […] Read More