Valentine’s Day Barn Dance

“Poor Mountain Father,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “What are we going to do for Valentine’s Day this year?”

“Gee,” said Poor Mountain Father, scratching his chin. “I don’t know. I haven’t really had much time to think about it, but what about a barn dance.”

“A barn dance,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “Now, that would be fun.”

“I could play the fiddle,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Well if you play the fiddle,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “Then, who is going to dance with Poor Mountain Mother.”

“You,” said Poor Mountain Father. “You can dance with her.”

“I don’t know how to square dance,” asked Poor Mountain Brother.

“I can teach you,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“That would be great,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

Every night after school Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Brother spent time together out in the barn, square dancing and fiddle playing. Poor Mountain Mother was getting a little suspicious but she was told not to go anywhere near the barn because it would ruin the surprise they were working on.

“Do you know what they are up to?” Poor Mountain Mother asked Poor Mountain Sister.

“No,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I don’t. They haven’t told me anything.”

“Why don’t you go down to the barn and find out for me?” asked Poor Mountain Mother.

Poor Mountain Sister got her coat on and went down to the barn. She heard the fiddle playing, even before she got to the barn door.

“Come on in,” said Poor Mountain Brother, looking out the barn door to make sure Poor Mountain Mother wasn’t following her.

“What are you doing down here?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“Poor Mountain Mother wanted me to find out what you two are doing,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Brother told Poor Mountain Sister about their plan to have a barn dance on Valentine’s Day.

“Oh she will love it,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“Love what?” asked Poor Mountain Mother, standing in the door way of the barn.

The Poor Mountain Family had no choice but to tell Poor Mountain Mother what they were planning.

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “This is going to be so much fun.”

The whole family practised square dancing each night in the barn. They were having so much fun that it actually attracted their neighbours to join in. By the time Valentine’s Day rolled around, the Poor Mountain Family had the support from the whole town so they held a big barn dance on Valentine’s Day.

At the end of the night, Poor Mountain Father handed his fiddle to one of his neighbours, who also played fiddle, and danced the last dance with Poor Mountain Mother.

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