Love on Valentine’s Day

Beastly did up the buttons on his tuxedo jacket. He flipped his long donkey ears to the back of his head. He braced himself for the cold that was about to hit him, as he walked the short distance from his apartment to his dance studio. “Oh Winnipeg, Manitoba is always so cold,” said Beastly. […] Read More

No Kisses on Valentine’s Day

It was Valentine’s Day. Happy Heart took her pure white puppy, Valentine to visit with Arrow and Cutie, two beautiful cats that lived in Kelowna, BC. Valentine had never met a cat so this was going to be very interesting. “Cats are crazy creatures,” said Happy Heart to Valentine, as she rang the doorbell to […] Read More

A Pest on Valentine’s Day

“Come on Valentine,” said Happy Heart, calling her pure white puppy to get into the car. “It is Valentine’s Day and we have been called to go to Banff, Alberta. There have been some complaints from some of the tourists about Creepy Creature. I have to spread some love and happiness.” Valentine had never been […] Read More

Puppy Love

It was Valentine’s Day. Happy Heart was taking out the garbage and while doing so, she heard a puppy whimpering. She went over and saw the cutest pure white puppy behind her garbage can. She picked it up. “You are adorable,” said Happy Heart, snuggling him closely. “You are freezing though. Let’s get you inside.” […] Read More

Meet Valentine Puppy

Welcome to the Meet Valentine Puppy page. Valentine Puppy belongs to Happy Heart. She found Valentine Puppy behind her garbage can when she was taking her garbage out one Valentine’s Day.  Happy Heart fell instantly in love with Valentine Puppy. After all, who wouldn’t? Valentine Puppy is a pure white puppy. He is very adorable […] Read More

True Love

It is Valentine’s Day and Happy Heart was sitting in a park in Kelowna, BC when six year old, Jessica approached her. “What is true love?” asked Jessica. “True love is an overwhelming feeling you get all over,” said Happy Heart. “It is a feeling like no other feeling you have ever had.” “Oh,” said […] Read More

Franny Granny’s Special Valentine’s Day Date

“Daniel,” said his sister, Tracey. “You are all dressed up. You look very handsome. Where are you going?” “It is Valentine’s Day,” said Daniel. “I have a date.” “You do?” asked Tracey, surprised. “Who with?” “I am taking Franny Granny to dinner,” said Daniel. “Oh,” said Tracey. “That is so sweet. Franny Granny is going […] Read More