Seeing Red

Sissy and Baby Pea Pod were helping Farmer Ted and Sue put up some Valentine’s Day decorations.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Sissy Pea Pod, looking through the box Farmer Ted just put on the table. “Everything in this box is red. Where are all the green decorations?”

“Well,” said Sue. “This is Valentine’s Day. The colour for Valentine’s Day is red.”

“What about us peas?” asked Sissy Pea Pod. “We love the colour green. Why can’t everything in the world be green?”

“We need other colours,” said Farmer Ted. “We need blue for the sky and yellow for the cobs of corn we grow out in the field.”

“Okay,” said Sissy Pea Pod.” I suppose we do need the other colours too.”

“There is no reason why we couldn’t have one green heart in our decorations,” said Farmer Ted, seeing a sheet of green construction paper sitting on Sue’s craft table.

“That would be wonderful,” said Sissy Pea Pod, watching Farmer Ted carefully cut a heart shape.

Once the green heart was cut out Farmer Ted hung it up on the wall, right in the middle of the other decorations.

“Beautiful,” said Sissy Pea Pad.

“I agree,” said Farmer Ted and Sue.


Moral of this Story:

  • We need lots of different colours in this world.
  • Example: Sissy Pea Pod only likes the colour green and was surprised when Farmer Ted and Sue were only putting up red decorations for Valentine’s Day.

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