Forgetting Winter

“Have a good day,” said Forgetful Fred, giving his wife, Sarah a kiss.

“You as well,” said Sarah.

Forgetful Fred walked out to the hallway. Sarah watched as Forgetful Fred put on a pair of shoes and then he proceeded to put on a light overcoat.

“What are you doing?” asked Sarah.

“Going to work,” said Forgetful Fred, grabbing his briefcase and opening the door. “Why?”

“Did you forget that it is winter?” asked Sarah.

“No it isn’t,” said Forgetful Fred, opening the door further and then closing it quickly. “Oh, dear! It is winter. There is a ton of snow out there and it is cold. How could I have forgotten that it is winter?”

“Well,” said Sarah, taking Forgetful Fred’s briefcase for him while he changed into his winter clothing.

“You know,” said Sarah. “Forgetting about winter isn’t a bad thing. I know I would like to forget about it and I am sure I am not the only one.”

“Very true,” said Forgetful Fred, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • We can all try to forget about winter.
  • Example: Forgetful Fred forgot it was winter until his wife, Sarah reminded him.

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