Missy Big Words – Respect

“Missy Big Words,” said Daddy. “I need a nap. I am going to go upstairs. Can you play quietly down here?”

“Yes Daddy,” said Missy Big Words. “I can do that but what about Father’s Day? When will we celebrate that?”

“We will celebrate Father’s Day when I wake up,” said Daddy. “Can you respect my wish and play downstairs?”

“I can respect your wish,” said Missy Big Words.

Missy Big Words went into the living room and started playing with her toys. However, she also thought about the new big word her Daddy used, respect.

“I know how to respect my Daddy’s wishes,” said Missy Big Words. “My Daddy needs to sleep and if I go upstairs, I would wake him. By me staying downstairs, I respect his wish.”

Missy Big Words was so proud of herself for learning the meaning of the word respect.

“Daddy,” said Missy Big Words, once her father had come downstairs after his nap. “I learned a new big word today.”

“What big word did you learn?” asked Daddy.

“I learned the big word respect,” said Missy Big Words.

“You certainly did,” said Daddy. “You did a great job by respecting my wish and letting me have my nap.”

Daddy gave Missy Big Words a kiss on her forehead. He was very proud of her.

“Now it is time for me to respect your wish,” said Daddy. “It is time for our Father’s Day celebration.”

“Oh goodie!” exclaimed Missy Big Words. “We both know what respect is. Happy Father’s Day!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to respect our Father’s wishes.
  • Example: Missy Big Words respected Daddy’s wish on Father’s Day by letting him have a nap.

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