Father’s Day Fishing

“Are you ready to go on our Father’s Day picnic?” asked Poor Mountain Mother, cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast.

“A picnic!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Father. “That sounds nice but I thought we were going to go fishing.”

“Fishing,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “But we have our picnic lunch already packed up.”

“I would like to go fishing,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “I love fishing.”

“We could always do both,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “That is a good idea.”

“I know where there is a lake that is secluded and there is a nice spot there where we can have our picnic,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “That sounds like fun. Maybe we can even have some fish to go with our picnic lunch.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “There is nothing like the taste of freshly caught fish.”

The Poor Mountain family packed the fishing gear and the picnic basket into the car and they drove to that lake that Poor Mountain Father knew about. The lake was about an hour away and the Poor Mountain children were getting restless.

“Are we there yet?” asked Poor Mountain Brother. “I can’t wait to go fishing. I am going to catch the biggest fish ever.”

“I want to fish too,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“How are you going to go fishing when you don’t like worms?” asked Poor Mountain Brother.

“Who said I don’t like worms,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“You have to put the worm on the hook,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “And, I’m not going to help you.”

“Don’t worry,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I will help you.”

“See,” said Poor Mountain Sister, sticking her tongue out at her brother.

“Okay children,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “You two behave yourselves.”

Poor Mountain Father pulled the car into a secluded road and soon the bluest of all lakes was right in front of them. It was the prettiest lake they had ever seen.

“So beautiful,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

The boys gathered up the fishing gear and the girls were going to get the picnic basket out of the trunk of the car.

“I would leave that until we are ready to eat,” said Poor Mountain Father. “This area is full of bears.”

Poor Mountain Sister put the picnic basket back into the trunk but she forgot to close it. The Poor Mountain family all headed down to the lake.

The Poor Mountain family had caught quite a few fish. They had set the fish in a bucket. They were trying to find some dry kindling so they could start a fire to cook the fish.

“What was that noise?” asked Poor Mountain Mother.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Father, seeing a bear tip over the bucket of fish. “Okay, everyone slowly get into the car.”

The Poor Mountain family made it to the car safely without disturbing the bear.

“There goes our fish,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“At least we still have our picnic lunch,” said Poor Mountain Mother.

Poor Mountain Father got out of the car and went around to the trunk of the car quietly so he wouldn’t disturb the bear, who was still eating the fish.

“Looks like the bear ate our picnic lunch as well,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We left the trunk of the car open.”

“Oh no!” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I don’t think I closed the trunk when I put the picnic basket back into it.”

“What are we going to do?” asked Poor Mountain Brother. “I am starving.”

“I know of a restaurant down the road,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We will eat our Father’s Day lunch there.”

The Poor Mountain family had a wonderful lunch at the restaurant up the road. They even had a good laugh about the bear eating their food.

“Sorry your Father’s Day was ruined,” said Poor Mountain Sister, later that night when Poor Mountain Father tucked her into bed.

“It wasn’t ruined,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We had a nice lunch at the restaurant and most importantly, I got to spend the day with my family. That really means so much to me.”

“Happy Father’s Day,” said Poor Mountain Sister, giving her Father an extra special hug.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes things don’t go as planned but it is good to make the most of it.
  • Example: The Poor Mountain Family had a rough day fishing but they did enjoy a nice lunch together.

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