It was a bright summer morning. Mommy was in the house with Arrow. Arrow was getting restless. He was running up and down the hallway at top speed and then jumping on the couch.

“Okay,” said Mommy, grabbing Arrow’s harness and leash. “I think we need to spend some time outside. You need to run off some of that spurt of energy you have.”

Normally, Arrow is an indoor cat and has been since Mommy adopted him when he was six weeks old. Mommy has heard stories of coyotes taking kittens so she wanted to make sure nothing happened to him. She loves Arrow with all her heart and she would be heart-broken if anything happened to him.

Once Mommy had Arrow’s harness and leash on him, she set him down on the ground. Arrow loved playing in the grass. Sometimes a blade of grass would tickle his nose and he would sneeze.

“Bless you,” Arrow heard someone whisper close to his ear.

“Who are you?” asked Arrow, looking at a strange bug that had flown onto his nose.

“I am a dragonfly,” said the bug, hopping around on Arrow’s nose.

“You are tickling me,” said Arrow.

Arrow tried to swat the dragonfly from his nose.

“You sure have big paws,” said the dragonfly, hopping down onto the ground, where it was safer.

“They are my special paws,” said Arrow, holding up this two front paws so the dragonfly could get a closer look.

“You have six toes on your two front paws,” said the dragonfly, counting Arrow’s toes. “I have never seen that before. Your paws are special.”

The dragonfly flew on top of Arrow’s head and landed right between his ears. One swat from Arrow and the dragonfly was on the ground, lying down in the cool grass.

“You could have hurt me,” said the dragonfly. “You better watch those big front paws. They are dangerous.”

“I am sorry,” said Arrow. “Perhaps you shouldn’t have jumped onto my head.”

“What,” said the dragonfly jumping up onto Arrow’s back this time. “You don’t like it when I jump on you. You can’t get me with your big front paws now.”

Try as he might, even with his big front paws, Arrow couldn’t get the dragonfly off his back.

“Arrow might not be able to get you,” said Mommy, who just saw what the dragonfly was doing to Arrow. “But I can.”

Mommy picked the dragonfly off Arrow’s back by his hind legs. She carefully set him down on the picnic table.

“Oh oh,” said the dragonfly, grateful that Mommy didn’t hurt him but also knowing that he had gone a little too far in teasing Arrow.

“I am sorry for teasing you,” said the dragonfly to Arrow. “I promise I won’t do it again.”

Arrow and the dragonfly became the best of friends from that day forward.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not nice to tease someone.
  • Example: Arrow teased the dragonfly but apologized for it.

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