Autumn Days

“Fawn,” said Spot to her friend, while she was cleaning up her stall. “We should do something today. It looks like a beautiful day!”

”Sure Spot,” said Fawn. ”What do you feel like doing?”

“How about going for a walk?” asked Spot. ”We can see if the leaves have changed colour yet.”

”That sounds like fun,” said Fawn.

”Okay,” said Spot. ”We’ll go as soon as I am finished cleaning.”

”How long will that be?” asked Fawn.

“If you were to help me,” said Spot. ”I could get it done a lot quicker.”

”Oh alright,” said Fawn, totally hating the idea of doing housework. ”But what if Ricky and Jenny see me helping you?”

”They would just think you’re being nice,” said Spot.

”Gee,” said Fawn. ”I don’t know about this.”

”Oh Fawn,” said Spot, throwing a dust cloth at him.

”Well,” said Fawn, holding up the dust cloth. ”What do you want me to do with this thing?”

”Use it!” laughed Spot.

Fawn started dusting around his stall.

”Oh that is so cute!” Fawn heard someone behind him say.

Fawn turned around and saw Jenny standing there.

”He’s just helping me,” said Spot.

”We wanted to know if you two wanted to go for a walk,” said Jenny. “We have Mom’s new digital camera with us.”

”You do!” exclaimed Fawn.

”Yes,” said Jenny. ”We are going to go take some pictures for her.”

”Yes,” said Fawn. ”I want to go with you.”

”It looks like you’re too busy to come with us,” said Jenny, laughing.

”But,” said Fawn.

”Look,” said Jenny. ”You can come with us only if you let us take a picture of you.”

”Sure,” said Fawn.

Jenny quickly took a couple of pictures of Fawn, holding onto the dust cloth, before he changed his mind.

”Wait!” exclaimed Fawn. ”I thought you meant you would take my picture outside!”

”Oh no!” exclaimed Jenny.

”You tricked me!” exclaimed Fawn, waving the dust cloth in the air.

”Oh come on, Fawn,” said Jenny. “These will be great pictures!”

”Seeing as I’m in them,” said Fawn. ”They probably will be.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is fun to take pictures
  • Example: Jenny was having fun taking pictures of Fawn.

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