“Dianne, where are you?” asked Billy.

Billy just arrived home from a week long concert tour. He had a dozen red roses in one hand and his guitar in the other. He missed his wife dearly as this was the first time the two of them had been apart since they had gotten married three months ago.

Billy quickly looked into the living room and the kitchen but didn’t see Dianne. He dashed up the stairs to their bedroom but she wasn’t there, either.

He came back downstairs and just as he walked into the kitchen, Dianne came through the front door.

”Billy!” exclaimed Dianne, excitedly. ”You’re home!”

”I just got in the door,” said Billy, wrapping his arms around Dianne. ”I’ve missed you, Dianne!”

”I’ve missed you too,” said Dianne, happily. ”I have some wonderful news for you.”

”What news?” asked Billy, handing Dianne the flowers.

”Oh Billy!” exclaimed Dianne. ”Thank you!”

”Now,” said Billy. “Tell me your news!”

”I just came home from the doctors,” said Dianne.

”Are you okay?” asked Billy, a little concerned for his wife.

”I’m fine,” said Dianne. ”Billy, we are going to have a baby!”

“A baby!” exclaimed Billy. “Oh, Dianne, that’s excellent. So, you’re going to be a Mommy and I’m going to be a Daddy!”

”Yes,” said Dianne.

”Oh this is great!” exclaimed Billy.

Billy was ecstatic about Dianne’s news.

”Dear,” said Billy. ”Why don’t we celebrate tonight? We can go out for dinner.”

”That would be wonderful,” said Dianne.

“Oh Dianne,” said Billy. ”You have just made me the happiest Troll in Troll Town!”

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