Beautiful Singing

“Do you hear that beautiful singing?” asked Mama Acorn. “I’ve never heard that song on the radio before.” “That isn’t the radio,” said Papa Acorn. “Where is it coming from?” asked Mama Acorn.Papa  stepped outside onto the front porch and looked down from the branch of the oak tree the Acorn family lived on. Down […] Read More

Father’s Day for Billy Troll

“Today is Father’s Day,” said Dianne Troll, to her mother-in-law on the phone. “Yes,” said Mrs. Troll. “It is Father’s Day. Do you and Billy have any plans for tonight?” “I want to cook him his favourite lasagna,” said Dianne. “Oh that sounds wonderful,” said Mrs. Troll. “How would you like Mr. Troll and I […] Read More

Meet Just Girlz

In 2008, I decided that I would write a series of stories based on some young female musicians. The inspiration for these stories came from my Billy Troll stories. Billy Troll’s niece, Suzie Troll is the co-founder and lead guitarist of the very popular band, Just Girlz. Just Girlz ended up being more famous than […] Read More

Billy Troll is Thankful for his Music

“It is a beautiful autumn day,” said Dianne Troll, walking into her husbands music studio. “It is,” agreed Billy Troll, putting down his guitar. “How is the turkey coming along?” “It is just about cooked,” said Dianne. “Okay,” said Billy. “I will be right there.” “Perfect,” said Dianne, giving Billy a kiss. “This is going […] Read More

Billy Troll’s New Bee Song

Billy Troll was in his music studio. He was working on his new album. It was a very hot summer day so he had the window open in hopes of getting a breeze. As he was getting ready to listen to the recording he had just finished, he saw a bee land on his sheet […] Read More

Billy Troll’s Mother’s Day Song

“Come on Billy,” said Dianne Troll, his wife.” We have less than an hour before the Mother’s Day concert begins. It won’t look good if the promoter and the headline act are both late.” “Yes true,” said Billy, packing up his guitar and getting ready to leave. Just as Billy and Dianne were about to […] Read More

Billy Troll and Anticipation

“Billy,” said his wife, Dianne Troll. You have to do the concert tonight. It is Valentine’s Day and your fans are waiting for you.” “I don’t want to disappoint the fans,” said Billy. “I also don’t want you to go in labour while I’m gone.” “I really think our baby will wait for his Daddy […] Read More