Ice Wants a Hug

Ice woke up one morning and he was sad. There was nobody home today because everyone had to go to work and all he wanted was a hug. Both Mommy and Daddy didn’t give Ice his hug that morning because he was sound asleep when they left and they didn’t want to wake him up. They both had to leave earlier than usual.

Ice saw Homie, the wrecking yard cat. Homie was looking for food because he was starving. Nobody left any food out for him that morning.

“Hey Ice do you any old dog food kicking around?” asked Homie.

“I have a bit left,” said Ice. “Hey, if you give me a hug, I’ll let you have my food.”

“Sorry,” said Homie. “I’m not that hungry.”

“Just a teeny little hug,” begged Ice.

“I’ve got a reputation to keep,” said Homie. “I can’t be seen giving a dog a hug. I’d be the laughing stock of the wrecking yard.”

“Well then, I’m going to go eat my food,” said Ice.

“Suit yourself,” said Homie, watching with intent to see if Ice would leave a single scrap of food behind.

“Sorry,” said Ice, finished his food completely, making sure there was not a single morsel left.

“I’m leaving now,” said Homie, angrily.

Ice felt guilty about eating all his food on Homie, but he also thought that Homie could have given him a hug. Ice didn’t understand what giving him a hug had to do with his reputation.

Ice went up to the porch and laid down on his chair. He was just about to doze off when he saw Kitty. Kitty was inside the house. She is an indoor cat and is not allowed to go outside.

“Hey Kitty,” said Ice. “Can I have a hug?”

“Kind of difficult even if I wanted to,” laughed Kitty.

“Why?” asked Ice.

“Because I’m in here and you are out there,” laughed Kitty, even harder.

“Oh,” said Ice, who never even thought about that.”

Ice saw many people come and go all day long. Nobody, not one person would stop and give Ice a hug. Everyone was just so busy with their own lives and everyone was in such a hurry.

Ice was going crazy by the time Mommy and Daddy got home from work. He was wagging his tail and running around the yard like a crazy boy.

“Did you miss us boy?” Mommy asked, wrapping her arms around Ice’s neck as tight as she could.

Ice was in heaven. He got his long-needed hug from the person he loved the most.

“I’ll give you that hug now,” said Kitty to Ice.

“No need,” said Ice. “I got the one hug that I needed the most.”

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