A Visit to Ontario

“I can’t believe it,” said Mrs. Hansen. “We are in Ontario.”

“Now Fawn,” said Mr. Hansen. “Do you remember what we were telling you?”

“How could I forget? “asked Fawn. “Be a good boy when we visit Ricky and his Marjory and be good to Brittany and Christopher.”

“That’s right,” said Mrs. Hansen.

“But what if they don’t like me?” asked Fawn.

“Impossible,” said Mr. Hansen. “Everyone loves you.”

“Yeah you guys like me, but what if they don’t,” said Fawn.

“Just be good,” said Mrs. Hansen.

Fawn was very nervous about meeting Marjory.

“Listen Fawn,” said Spot. “Ricky loves you, right?”

“Yeah,” said Fawn. “But that is because he has known us since we were little.”

“Okay we might be bigger now,” said Spot. “However, if Ricky loves this girl then she will love us.”

“I don’t know,” said Fawn. “I’m kind of nervous about meeting Marjory.”

“There is no need of it,” said Spot. “She is obviously a nice person because Ricky loves her.”

“I guess,” said Fawn. “I’m still nervous and worried.”

The Hansen’s pulled into Ricky and Marjory’s driveway. Fawn was the last to get out of the truck.

“He’s a bit shy,” said Mrs. Hansen to Marjory when Marjory pointed to Fawn, who was just standing at the side of the truck.

“Hmm,” said Marjorie. “I know how to cure that.”

Marjory walked over to the truck and put her arms around Fawn’s neck. She gave him a little kiss on his cheek, too.

“I have something special for lunch for you,” said Marjory. “I’m making some french-fries.”

”I love french-fries,” said Fawn.

“I know,” said Marjory.

“I like you already,” said Fawn.

“And I like you too,” said Marjory.

Just then Brittany and Christopher came running down the front steps right into the arms of Fawn and Spot.

“Looks to me like Brittany and Christopher have two new friends,” laughed Marjory.

Ricky, who was at work, came home and saw Brittany, Christopher, Fawn and Spot playing together in
the sand box.

“How come the outside water is running?” asked Ricky to Marjory, after saying hello to his mom and step-dad.

“Where are the kids?” asked Marjory.

“Where is Fawn and Spot?” asked Mrs. Hansen.

“They are outside in the sandbox,” said Ricky.

“Oh oh,” said Marjory.

Brittany, Christopher, Fawn and Spot were all covered in mud.

“Fawn wanted to play mud cakes with us,” said Brittany, eyes as big as saucers.

“And who got the hose down?” asked Marjory.

Everyone pointed at Fawn. Marjory took Brittany and Christopher inside to get cleaned up while Ricky and Mr. Hansen got the hose and washed the mud off Fawn and Spot with the hose.

“Do you still like me?” asked Fawn, once everyone was cleaned up.

“I don’t like you,” said Marjory “‘I love you.”

“I love you too,” cried Fawn, giving Marjory a big hug.

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