“Mrs. Jones,” said Patricia, opening her front door to see her neighbour standing there. “Please come in.” “Thank you,” said Mrs. Jones, taking her coat and scarf off. “What a windy autumn day we are having!” “This is just our typical autumn day here in Lethbridge,” said Patricia. “Can I get you a cup of […] Read More

Ice Wants a Hug

Ice woke up one morning and he was sad. There was nobody home today because everyone had to go to work and all he wanted was a hug. Both Mommy and Daddy didn’t give Ice his hug that morning because he was sound asleep when they left and they didn’t want to wake him up. […] Read More

Ice and his Blanket

Sometimes on a cold, winter day Mommy will curl up on her chair with her favorite fleece blanket. Mommy loved her blanket so much that she even got a blanket for her dog, Ice. Now, the blanket that Ice has is certainly not his favorite blanket by any means. Ice will lay down on his […] Read More

Ice Loves Winter

January was a cold, snowy month. Ice seemed to be spending a lot of time indoors and this was not his choice. His owners feared that he would freeze and they did not want anything bad to happen to him because they loved Ice very, very much. Ice was a dog that loved being outdoors. […] Read More


Ice came to live with us in mid-March. He came at a point in my life when I really needed someone to love and cuddle and just someone that I could pour my heart out to and not worry about him talking back and telling me what I was thinking was wrong. The first day […] Read More


“You know something,” said Sparky. “I’m glad we live here in this house with Mommy and Daddy.” “Don’t forget about Ricky and Jenny?” said Baby. “I won’t,” said Sparky. “Yes,” said Baby. “We are lucky cats, that is for sure.” “We always have fresh food and fresh water,” said Sparky. “Yes,” said Baby. “And a […] Read More

Jacob and Baby

“Oh, look at what Mommy brought home for me to play with,” said Jacob, a two year old black Pomeranian. “A kitten!” “Now Jacob,” said Mommy, holding the kitten up to Jacobs nose. “This is Baby. She is just a little baby kitten. Now, don’t you ever hurt her.” “Jacob,” said Baby, pointing her sharp […] Read More

Cowboy Cade

It was a beautiful spring morning back in 1892 in the backwoods of Texas.  Cowboy Cade was sitting on the back porch of his ranch, sipping on a steaming hot cup of coffee, when a noise startled him.  Cowboy Cade rose from his chair slowly and followed in the direction that the noise was coming […] Read More


“Hi Chester!” said Finnegan Ferret to his friend. “Do you want to come outside and play?” “Sure,” said Chester Chipmunk. “But, first I have to do my chores.” “What chores do you have to do?” asked Finnegan. “I have to clean up my room,” said Chester. “That shouldn’t take long,” said Finnegan. “Then, I have […] Read More

Thunder and Lightning

“No,” said Thunder. “By the way, my name is Thunder. What’s your name?” “Thunder,” said Lightning. “How odd! My name is Lightning.” “Boy,” laughed Thunder. “Mr. and Mrs. Williams sure picked out an original name for you.” “Mr. and Mrs. Williams didn’t pick my name out,” Lightning said. “Lightning has been my name since I […] Read More