Christopher Corn and the Happy Birthday Song

“Hello,” said Christopher Corn, seeing Chard Benning sitting on a bench in Loud Garden on July 20th. “It is really good to see you, especially today.”

Christopher was referring to the fact that July 20th marked his 54th birthday and Chard’s one year death anniversary on Earth.

“I hear you,” said Chard. “Today is a rough day.”

“It doesn’t have to be,” said Christopher. “We did what we did. We can’t undo it. However, we can learn from our mistakes.”

“Very true,” said Chard. “Let’s make the most of this day. After all, it is your birthday today and I wrote a birthday song for you.”

“I want to hear it,” said Christopher.

Chard grabbed his guitar and started strumming it. He started off slow and then quickly picked up pace.

“On Earth,” sang Chard. “You meant the world to me. In Loud Garden we will always be. You are my friend now and forever. Our ties, we will never sever. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!’

“Thank you so much,” said Christopher, with tears in his eyes. “I love it.”

“You are welcome,” said Chard. “I am really glad we are here in Loud Garden together.”

“Me too,” said Christopher. “I always have and always will value our friendship.”

“Happy Birthday, Christopher,” said Chard, giving Christopher a huge birthday hug.

“Thank you,” said Christopher. “Thank you very much!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Value friendships of true friends.
  • Example: Christopher Corn and Chard Benning value their friendship.
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