An Evil Christmas

“I am going to be so evil this Christmas,” said Evil Elf, dragging sack after sack of coal into Santa’s workshop. “All the children, all over the world are going to get a lump of coal in their stockings.”

Evil Elf smiled as he walked down the hallway. He was evil through and through and he enjoyed every bit of it.

“Hello,” said Santa Claus, seeing Evil Elf walking down the hall. “I hope you are behaving yourself.”

Evil Elf smiled a wry smile and then quickly walked away.

“Evil Elf is up to something,” said Santa.

Santa walked into the workshop. He was surprised to see all the bags of coal sitting in the middle of the floor.

“I didn’t think there were this many naughty girls and boys on my naughty list this year,” said Santa. “I better check my list.”

Santa pulled out his list and just as he had thought, there weren’t that many naughty girls and boys on his naughty list.

“Something strange going on here,” said Santa.

Santa waited in the workshop. It wasn’t long before Evil Elf came in, carrying another sack full of coal.

“So, Evil Elf,” said Santa. “What is in all these sacks?”

“Umm coal,” said Evil Elf.

“Why?” asked Santa. “I just checked the naughty list. There weren’t this many naughty girls and boys this year.”

“I just wanted to be evil,” said Evil Elf.

“You are the one that is getting coal for Christmas this year,” said Santa. “It is also your job to drag all these sacks of coal out of the workshop.”

Evil Elf started dragging the sacks of coal back to the shed where he got them from. However, the power in the workshop went out. It started getting very cold and very fast.

“Leave the coal here,” said Santa. “We are going to need it to keep the workshop warm.”

“Okay,” said Evil Elf. “At least I don’t have to drag all these sacks out of here.”

“You aren’t getting away that lucky,” said Santa. “All the floors in the workshop need to be scrubbed.”

“Oh dear,” said Evil Elf. “That is a lot of work.”

“It is,” said Santa. “It will give you lots of time to thinks about what you have done.”

“It doesn’t pay to be evil,” said Evil Elf, scrubbing the floor. “Maybe I should think about changing my ways.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Being evil doesn’t pay.
  • Example: Evil Elf found out the hard way that being evil doesn’t pay.

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