Arrow – Christmas Story

Arrow got off the bus and walked across the street to the Christmas Building.

“I am very excited,” said Arrow. “I get to spend Christmas away from my sister, Cutie. No more swats from her for no reason”.

Arrow saw Lost Christmas Tree at the entrance to the Christmas Building.

“Welcome to the Christmas Building,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “I hope you enjoy your stay over the Christmas holidays.”

“I am sure I will,” said Arrow. “Thank you.”

“So, I have been having a problem with Christmas this year,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “I feel Christmas is lost. I think there are some Storyland characters that don’t know the meaning of Christmas and they haven’t done any good deeds this year. I don’t feel right about handing out Christmas gifts to those characters. What does Christmas mean to you, Arrow? What good deeds have you done this year?”

“Well,” said Arrow. “To me, the meaning of Christmas is for me to be as good as I possibly can, have a full tummy and a nice warm lap to curl up on.”

Lost Christmas Tree just shook his head.

“I guess that is all I can expect a cat would say,” laughed Lost Christmas Tree. “Cats will be cats. I am almost afraid to ask this but, did you do any good deeds this past year?”

“One time my sister, Cutie swatted me because I tried to eat out of her bowl but, I didn’t swat her back,” said Arrow. “Does that count?”

“Because you are a cat,” laughed Lost Christmas Tree. “Yes, it counts.”

Lost Christmas Tree handed Arrow his Christmas gift.

“Thank you for the tuna,” said Arrow.

“How did you know I got you tuna?” asked Lost Christmas Tree. “I wrapped it up really good.”

“I’m a cat, “said Arrow. “We can smell tuna a mile away.”

“Merry Christmas, Arrow,” laughed Lost Christmas Tree.


Moral of this Story:

  • Cats will be cats.
  • Example: Arrow told Lost Christmas Tree his meaning of Christmas is for him to be good, a full tummy and a warm lap to curl up on.

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