Apartment 12 – Swat, Swat

Lost Christmas Tree continued his search for the apartment in the Christmas Building that he was supposed to be spending Christmas at. He saw the door to Apartment 12. He knocked on it. “Oh hello,” said a cat wearing a blue hoodie. “Did my sister send you?” “My name is Lost Christmas Tree,” said Lost […] Read More

Apartment 6 – Tradition

Author’s Note – I have reached a major milestone on Storyland. This story is the 2000th story I have posted on here. Yes, you read that right! It is not 200, it is 2000!!!! Lost Christmas Tree still had to find the apartment he was going to spend Christmas at. He saw Apartment 6 so […] Read More

Apartment 3 – Victor

Lost Christmas Tree was still trying to find out which apartment in the Christmas Building he was supposed to be spending Christmas. He saw the door for Apartment 3 so he knocked on the door. An elderly man with a cane opened the door. “Hello,” said the man. “How can I help you?” “I am […] Read More

Lost Christmas Tree

“Look at the beautiful Christmas tree,” said Mr. Edwards, who was visiting a Christmas tree lot in Kelowna, BC. “It is gorgeous,” said Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Edwards’ wife. “They have this one all decorated already. This would be a perfect Christmas tree for the Christmas Building.” “Yes,” said Mr. Edwards. “It would.” Mr. Edwards talked […] Read More

Meet Lost Christmas Tree

Welcome to the Meet Lost Christmas Tree page. Lost Christmas Tree came from a Christmas tree lot in Kelowna, BC. He was already fully decorated. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, owners of the Christmas Building purchased Lost Christmas Tree. He was to be delivered to the Christmas Building. The Christmas Building is where several Storyland characters […] Read More

Rat Boy and Christmas Dinner

It was Christmas morning and Rat Boy, his baby sister, Cecilia, were waiting patiently for their parents to wake up. “Children,” said Mother, coming down the stairs. “Your dad got called into work last night and I have to go to work today. My replacement called in sick. I am sorry. We wanted to spend […] Read More

Poor Mountain Family’s Christmas Secret

Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother were in the kitchen making some home-made Christmas decorations. They were laughing and full of joy. “Your children are so happy,” said Grandmother, who was visiting for Christmas. “Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “They certainly are.” “Last Christmas I spent with Aunt Pattie, Uncle Stan and the kids,” […] Read More