St. Patrick’s Day for Jesse and JD

“Arrow!” exclaimed Cutie, sticking her paw in his face. “I just heard it is St. Patrick’s Day.” “Why did you wake me up just for that?” asked Arrow. “I was having a great sleep.” “Don’t you care that it is St. Patrick’s Day?” asked Cutie.” Do you even know what St. Patrick’s Day is?” “Isn’t […] Read More

Apartment 12 – Swat, Swat

Lost Christmas Tree continued his search for the apartment in the Christmas Building that he was supposed to be spending Christmas at. He saw the door to Apartment 12. He knocked on it. “Oh hello,” said a cat wearing a blue hoodie. “Did my sister send you?” “My name is Lost Christmas Tree,” said Lost […] Read More

Frosty Summer Night

“I am cold,” said Arrow, shivering. “It is a frosty summer night.” “Yes,” said Cutie. “It is. I am cold too.” “I would like to know where summer went to,” said Arrow. “It feels like summer is already over.” “It feels like we skipped over autumn and went straight to winter,” said Cutie. “I think we did,” said Arrow. […] Read More

Summer Snow

“Oh dear!” cried Cutie. “Arrow, come quick. I see summer snow.” “Are you kidding me?” asked Arrow. “There is no way there could be any snow yet. It is only September.” “I am not kidding,” said Cutie. “I see it. It is all over the ground.” Arrow got up off the kitchen mat that he had been laying […] Read More

A Dull Summer Day

“What a dull summer day,” complained Arrow, waking up and seeing that it was gray and dull looking. “It has been raining all morning,” said Cutie, his sister. “Oh,” said Arrow. “It is no wonder that it is dull outside. I am bored. Can we do something today?” “Like what?” asked Cutie. “I was having a nap until […] Read More

Summer Cuddles with Cutie

“I want some summer cuddles with Cutie,” said Arrow to himself as he saw his sister laying down on the back of the couch. Arrow saw that Cutie was sound asleep. He, very slowly, crawled over to the couch. He tried to be as quiet as possible. He did not want to wake her. Slowly, […] Read More

Birds in the Sky

“There are birds in the sky,” said Cutie, sitting in the kitchen window, watching them fly by, on a beautiful summer afternoon. “Birds are always flying in the sky,” said Arrow. “That is not a big deal.” “True,” said Cutie. “But I want you to go catch one for me.” “Why would I, your precious […] Read More

Arrow, Cutie and the Pesky Fly

Arrow and Cutie were very busy. They were having a much needed cat nap, at least they were trying to have a nap. “Cutie,” said Arrow. “There is a pesky fly in here and it is driving me crazy.” “Yes,” said Cutie. “It just landed on my back. Can you get it for me? I […] Read More

Arrow and a Ginger Cookie

Arrow and his sister, Cutie, were playing in the kitchen. Mommy had the screen door open because she was shaking out the mats. Arrow spotted a GINGER cookie on the counter. He grabbed it and ran outside with it.   “What did you FIND?” asked Cutie.   “I’m not telling you,” said Arrow.   Cutie […] Read More

Arrow and the Turkey Sandwich

Arrow was HUNGRY. He had his lunch about an hour ago but his tummy was grumbling. Arrow seemed to always have a grumbling tummy. Arrow looked around the living room and he saw Mommy was busy drawing a SKETCH. He knew that he had better not bother Mommy while she was busy. He didn’t want […] Read More

Arrow and Cutie’s Valentine’s Day

Arrow woke up early on Valentine’s Day morning. He stretched and yawned and then sauntered over to where his sister, cutie, was sleeping. He watched her for a moment and he thought how beautiful she was when she was sleeping. Then he went over to her and kissed her on her forehead. “Oh oh!” exclaimed […] Read More

Arrow and Cutie’s Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was finally hereIt was time for two cats to cheerMommy had just put them to bedBut, Arrow kissed Cutie on her head Cutie turned to Arrow and hissedFor she didn’t like to be kissedSwat, swat, swat went her pawsBut, at least she didn’t use her claws Arrow’s feelings were very hurtHe was now […] Read More