Summer Cuddles with Cutie

“I want some summer cuddles with Cutie,” said Arrow to himself as he saw his sister laying down on the back of the couch.

Arrow saw that Cutie was sound asleep. He, very slowly, crawled over to the couch. He tried to be as quiet as possible. He did not want to wake her.

Slowly, slowly he curled up beside her. He almost got away with cuddling up to her but his tail accidentally hit her in the face.

Cutie woke up and she swatted her brother. Arrow was not happy.

“Why did you wake me up?” asked Arrow.

“Why did you lay down beside me?” asked Cutie.

“I wanted some summer cuddles,” said Arrow.

“I just wanted to have a peaceful nap,” said Cutie. “After all, it is much too hot for anything else.”

“Is it even too hot for cuddles?” asked Arrow, cuddling up to Cutie when she wasn’t expecting it.

Cutie just stared at Arrow. She then laid back down and closed her eyes. Arrow closed his eyes and smiled to himself. He was happy. He did get his summer cuddles, after all. However, his tail ended up hitting Cutie again. He knew he was going to get a swat, so he jumped down off the couch before that happened.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it might be too hot for summer cuddles.
  • Example: Arrow wanted to cuddle with Cutie but it was too hot.

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